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3 Embarrassing Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is a sign of commitment and devotion. Selecting the perfect engagement ring shows thoughtfulness and your understanding of your intended’s taste. When choosing a ring, consider this: is your beloved a girl that likes a lot of sparkle and flash or is she a more practical woman? Or, maybe she appreciates fine things but likes them understated.

To help you figure out her taste, try casually leave a jewelry catalog laying around or take her to a jewelry display – even if it is just a counter at a local department store. Observe the kinds of jewelry she likes, and file that information away for later.

In addition to figuring out your partner’s taste, you’ll also need to do some planning before buying an engagement ring. There are three things that you need to consider carefully: the ring size, the type of metal, and the stone. You want to avoid errors with any of these because this ring will, hopefully, be one that she will wear for a long time. Let’s take a look at the errors you can make with these three major elements— and how you can avoid them.

A Ring That’s Too Big or Too Small
Imagine you’re all set, you’ve chosen the perfect proposal time and location, you pull the ring from your pocket, and you pop the question. She says yes, and then ring either won’t even fit on her pinky or it slides off her ring finger. You can have it resized, of course, but you can save yourself a little embarrassment by getting her ring size right in the first place.

To get her ring size, try measuring a ring that she owns by using a ring meter. You could do this on that shopping expedition where you observe the jewelry she likes, or you could make a ring of braided grass at the park or create a bead ring while playing with younger siblings or cousins.

The Wrong Metal
Selecting the right metal for your engagement ring is exceptionally important. The color is certainly something to consider: does she wear gold, silver, copper or platinum when she wears jewelry? There are also practical considerations to take into account. For example, does she have any metal allergies? That is an issue for many women. Famously, there was a woman who, for many years, coated her engagement ring and her wedding band with clear nail polish to protect her skin.

With a little planning, choosing the wrong metal can easily be avoided. You don’t have to be subtle about figuring out the right metal. You can simply pretend to be buying a birthday or Christmas gift, and ask her what kind of metal she prefers.

The Wrong Jewel
This is where that casual shopping trip or carelessly displayed catalog can really come in handy. Or you might even browse a website such as Rockher, where you can feel out her reactions to various arrangements of diamonds and other gems. In fact, you could even play around with their online ring design selection tool, Rosi, which allows you to search their diamonds by stone shape, color, clarity, and price.

As you explore, you can discover whether she prefers a white diamond, which stands for purity and eternity, or if she would prefer a more passionate color, such as a ruby. Perhaps she would like the cool fire of an emerald, which symbolizes hope, wisdom, and loyalty.

As you search for the right gemstone for your beloved, you should also remember to consider the quality of the stone. The value of a stone of any kind depends upon its transparency and lack of imperfections as much as upon its size. So be sure to assess those factors as you shop.

Ultimately, the ring you select should reflect your understanding of her tastes in jewelry, and your desire to make your affection for her known to the world. It will reflect upon your tastes, as well, so it’s important that this be a ring about which you are as passionate as you are about the girl.

While shopping, you will also want to think about matching the engagement ring to the wedding rings you will present to each other on your wedding day. While it is not essential that the rings match, keep in mind that it is traditional for both the wedding band and engagement ring to be worn together.

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