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How Should You Choose The Best Designer Sunglass Online

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Designer sunglasses are one of the most preferred fashion accessories among both men and women. You can wear them for a variety of reasons. By wearing these glasses, you can easily protect your identity. Whatever be the reason, designer sunglasses are loved by people worldwide. Available in exciting range of shapes and styles, you need to do a good research to find the best one for yourself.

Importance of wearing shades
Sunglasses are one such accessory that suits both western and traditional wear. Wearing them not just make you feel comfortable but also look trendy and smart. Whatever is your outfit, this fashionable shade can completely transform your normal outfit into an exciting one instantly.

It works as a barrier protection. Eyeglasses act as an obstruction between the eyes of the wearer and environmental conditions. When they are worn in windy conditions, they are capable of keeping eyes comfortable and moist. Eyeglasses offer incredible prevention to wind-blown particles from going inside the eyes and resulting into a scratch at the cornea.

Brands of Designer Sunglasses
The popularity and craze of designer shades has made many of the brands come up with their own designs and styles of sunglasses to entice people. Some of the well-known brands include:

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
This brand manufactures remarkable styles of sunglasses for both men as well as women. Their iconic wayfarers are seen worn by many of the top celebrities. Their awesome designs of classic and plastic wayfarer sunglasses are capable of stealing everyone’s attention.

Gucci is again a well-known and a leading fashion brand that manufactures best quality, large and highly recognizable optical sunglasses. These shades offer 100 percent protection from UVA rays of the sun.

Dolce and Gabbana
Available in a rich variety of plastic and aluminum, these sunglasses are available in a wide range of styles and colors of frames to choose from. If you are looking to get a celebrity look and feel, then this is the one you must grab today!!

Versace sunglasses are available in plastic and metallic frames and in several different colors. These lenses are made to offer best in class UVA protection. These shades come in a durable case and a soft cleaning cloth.

If you are looking for top quality designer glasses at reasonable prices, then you must check out the official website of Glasses Gallery. They provide a wide range of exclusive brands and designer eye glasses that are thoroughly tested for quality, functionality, and durability.

Tips to choose right frame according to your face cut

Oblong Faces
This type of face is longer than wider. High cheekbones and forehead resembles this face shape. Tall sunglasses are preferable for this type of face as it helps in shortening the face. Choose shades that have decorated arms or an accented top rim to add width to your oblong face. Don’t go for small sized frames as they would make your face look disproportionate.

Square Faces
These people are seen with a strong jaw line. They have a square shaped chin, and equal length and width of the face. For these people, the best choice will be frames with an oval or round shape. One can also go for butterfly shaped glasses. Avoid using geometric frames as it will make the angular features of the face more visible.

Oval Faces
Mostly all shapes and designs of frames suit oval faces. This face shape has balanced features. The chin is little thin than the forehead region. To soften facial features, it is beneficial to wear square and rectangular type of sunglasses. Avoid frames that make a face look too large.

A poor and uninformed selection can make your facial features look out of proportion. Proper understanding of your choices, face type, and budget will help you select the right shades that accentuate features of the face.

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