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Do We Put Too Much Focus on External Beauty?

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Most of us have heard the saying that beauty comes from within. However, in today’s society, a lot of people focus on external beauty and seem to put the beauty from within on the back burner. Younger people in particular are constantly presented with images in the media that make them feel as though they need to look a certain way and as such as they tend to put a huge amount of effort into trying to achieve external perfection.

From paying for cosmetic surgery through to buying products such as a laser removal at home device, some people spend a fortune on their external appearance. However, couldn’t this money be used more wisely when you consider all of the problems in the world? Yet, many people including celebrities are quite happy to spend thousands upon thousands on making themselves look better.

Why do people feel under so much pressure to look the part?

There are many reasons why people feel under so much pressure to look good externally no matter how they feel inside. One of the major issues is the way in which celebrities and models are portrayed in the media. This gives younger people the impression that they should also aim to look like that despite the fact that the images are often air brushed to make the person look better. This then leads to all sorts of problems ranging from spending shed loads of money on cosmetic surgery through to more serious problems such as eating disorders.

Peer pressure is another reason why many younger people spend so much time focusing on external beauty, particularly with younger girls. When their friends have the best clothes, have their hair done in a certain way, wear lots of makeup, and make other changes to their appearance, their friends often feel pressured into doing the same just to keep up and be part of the in crowd. This leads to pressure about self image starting from an early age and many younger people end up with low self esteem simply because they don’t look a certain way or have the latest designer clothes like their friends do.

Some studies over recent years have shown that children as young as seven years old have felt the pressure to change their appearance in order to look better, which is a sad state of affairs given their young and impressionable age. Also, it is not just young girls that are affected by this type of pressure but also boys, who are under just as much pressure to look good as girls are according to recent reports.

As a result of putting so much effort into their external appearance, many people end up neglecting their inner beauty, which can have a big impact on their lives, relationships, and even their careers. While there is nothing wrong with being well groomed and well presented, for some people the focus seems to be on achieving perfection.

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