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How to Run a Business with Integrity as a Christian

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There are many Christians that have enjoyed huge success when it comes to business. However, while some successful entrepreneurs have got to where they are with ruthless and sometimes questionable methods, Christians that run a business want to do so with integrity. As a Christian business owner, the aim is not just about making money but also about adding value to society and helping to improve others lives.

It is important to any Christian business owner to operate their business with total integrity. This does not mean that the business won’t be a financial success – quite the contrary, as integrity from businesses these days is a rare thing to see.

Operating with honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are key to any Christian business. Whether you are running an online accessories store or running a high end hotel, there should be certain qualities that are ingrained into your business values. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you run, these qualities are vital to ensure that you maintain honesty and integrity at all times.

So, as a Christian business owner, what should you be looking to do in order to run your business with total integrity? Well, here are some of the values that you should incorporate:

  • Ensure your pricing is fair: If you offer products and services that are chargeable, you need to ensure that pricing is fair. There are many businesses that charge over the odds, putting their products and services out of the reach of many.
  • Excellent customer service: You need to ensure that you offer excellent levels of customer service regardless of who the customer is. Don’t just reserve this for the most loyal or wealthy customers – treat each one the same.
  • Total transparency: It is important to ensure that you are totally transparent with both customers and employees. Honesty is an important part of running a business as a Christian and this is something that will be truly appreciated by your workers and your customers/clients.
  • Reliability: Another key quality that you should be exercising is reliability. This is in every aspect of your business and applies to both your customers and your employees. Also, make sure you act professionally and that you are punctual and friendly.
  • Treating employees fairly: Your honesty and integrity must also stretch to your employees and not just to customers and clients. You need to ensure that all employees are treated fairly as well as paid fairly. Provide them with opportunities that can help them to better themselves and their lives.

As a Christian business owner, you should always aim to go that extra mile when it comes to your business values. Both your customers and your employees will respect the honesty and integrity with which you run your business. If anything, this will help to make your business more successful compared to those that run their businesses with little or no regard for their customers or workers.

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