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Pet Insurance- Do I need it?

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Though pet insurances are not legal requirement yet millions of users are opting to buy it. Why? There are different reasons and benefits for the same. Do you need a pet or not, this article explains it all in details:

What does it covers?
Most of the people who decide to get a pet insurance are often willing to get rid of the hefty and unexpected vet bills. Paying a set monthly or yearly amount to insurance companies ensures that you need not to worry about the coverings of the cost for the vet treatment by yourself. Even if you pet is unwell or has met with an accident, you are free from burden.

Dog Insurance v/s Cat Insurance
There are many reasons to consider having a pet insurance, especially if you are a dog owner. A dog owner tends to be responsible for anything your pet does. If he has bitten someone, harmed someone’s property, damaged a car, run on road and caused accident or livestock losses, you are liable and responsible to pay all the cost and need to find a way of paying it all to them.

Pet insurance will help you to keep with such headache with a special type of insurance called as pubic liability. It pays out in the sorts of accidents ever happen. In usual cases, the cost reach thousands of dollars and thus, you will be saved. This is not the case for cats as they are free spirits. Pet Insurance is one of the cheapest insurance services available.

Visits to Vets cost a lot
If your vet is ill, requires a surgery or has developed some serious illness that you will be required to visit a vet for medication and treatment for a long time period, which might end up with bills worth thousands of dollars.
Problems like Heart problems, Hip dysplasia or surgeries cost multiple thousand bucks and this is exactly where your pet insurance will prove its worth.

How much does pet insurance cost?
They cost a little on per month basis and the Pet insurances prices vary a lot depending upon many factors. These factors include the pet’s age, its breed, and your locations. The bigger and costlier the breed is, the more expensive your pet insurance is.

What to do when you have to make a claim?
There are companies that pay for your insurance claim directly without asking you to shed bucks while the claiming process is under approval whereas the usual claiming process starts with phoning and contacting the company and then filling up the claim form with all the details of injury and illness. One thing you need to keep in mind while you make choice with the pet insurance policy is the excess. It is the amount you need to pay towards making a claim. While it is usually small, there are companies that ask you to pay in percent if you are insuring older pets.

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