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Plastic Surgeries Disasters- From Beauty to Blunders

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Every now and then, we are used to coming across news and celebrities that show us a live example of how plastic surgeries are wreaking havoc on the face, the body as well as the looks of their favorite customers. Meant to enhance and beautify your features, in most of the cases plastic surgeries have gone horribly wrong and thus, doing irreparable damage. Vanity is definitely a dangerous thing especially for those who are in the limelight. The society's an obsession for perfection and beauty has led numerous celebrity to fall for the pressure to look like a divine and ended up looking horrible.

Things don't always go as they have been planned but in no ways, it means that plastic surgery is bad. It is a wonderful process for those who are victims of burn, accident victims, those who have some serious birth defect, war veterans or accidental damage. However, we have seen some people abusing and exploiting the power of this medical procedure just in order to look beyond "Best". Imagine the agony when we put "Celebrity" and "Plastic surgery disasters" together. Let's have a look at some epic examples:

Donatella Versace
A familiar surname and a famous figure who just got infamous from being famous due to her obsession for plastic surgeries. She is the vice president of famous Italian Fashion Brand: Versace and has gone through several surgeries to get a perfect womanly figure. However, she looks more of a recognizable mosaic creature.

Jocelyn Wildenstein
She is a New York resident billionaire socialite who got famous for her divorce with Alec Wildenstein in 1999. The divorce bought her 2.5 Billion Dollars and botched plastic surgeries. She started off to achieve a feline look but she looks freakily horrible nowadays.

Jackie Stallone
The famous star Sylvester Stallone is her son. She is just another case of perpetually unsatisfied lady with her looks and her addiction to looking beautiful mad her go for plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the results are lumpy and unnatural lips, saggy face, brows and face misshapen.

Amanda Lepore
She is indeed one of the most influential transgenders in the entire America and has been a notable figure because of her fearless projects in signing, performance arts, and modeling. However, her long list of surgeries in an urge to look like Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe made her looks go out of hands and irreparable.

Michaela Romanini
As famous as Paris Hilton in the US, this Italian socialite is another classy example of how beauty can be destroyed because of obsession and madness. She was one of the most beautiful women of her times but became incomparable and ugly right after her shocking plastic surgery outputs.

Bruce Jenner
Although he is now a courageous woman who is beautiful in herself, this Olympic medalist didn't made a good choice before being transformed to Caitlyn. He also tried his hands on deteriorating his looks that transformed this charming young face into an unrecognizable old man.

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