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Short Term Stay for Vacations- Read this before you do!

Mon, Mar. 27, 2017 Posted: 01:00 AM

Renting a flat to spend your vacation is an alternative that proposes greater independence and privacy. You can live with all the comforts of having your own space and, depending on the case, it can be even cheaper to stay in a hotel.

Here we will tell you what to consider for a temporary accommodation for a great stay:

1. Keep in mind your needs
If you travel alone, it is best to rent an apartment of one or two rooms. It would not make sense to overpay for environments you will not use. If you are traveling with small children or elderly people, it is convenient that the property is centrally located; unless you prefer to walk and save yourself a difference. Also evaluate your interests and where the sites you plan to visit are concentrated.

2. Look for several options
Do not choose between two or three options: search, find out, send e-mails requesting information. Compare the prices, costs and benefits of the top 5 options for accommodation for a great stay. And choose the best one for you!

3. Request recent pictures of the apartment
If you have seen photographs of the apartment on the Internet, see what date they have been taken.
If there are no photographs, do not hesitate to request them. Always ask the date when the photographs were taken and demand to see each of the main rooms, accesses, views and different services, such as swimming pool, garden, etc.

Through this "virtual tour" you will know the state of conservation of the place as if you were there. It is usual that the images of the apartments that are leased differ from the reality. So, if you can, visit the property and check its status. Make sure the apartment and its facilities fit as promised.

4. Evaluate the amenities and services of the apartment
Before choosing your apartment, find out if the building has a pool, laundry, garden, gym, parking or other amenities. Some apartments for rent include a cleaning service, some not. Consider all these points when making your decision and evaluate the price as a building with laundry and parking will make you more comfortable than having to look for these services on your own.

5. Compare prices
The values are usually slightly higher than a similar hotel, but this difference is usually offset by savings in restaurants. They usually offer better prices for longer stays.

Compare the prices of the different apartments you have in view. To consider the final prices take into account all the expenses of your stay (transportation, food, gym, etc.). If the apartment has a gym and you do not have to pay it separately, that is a money that you must subtract the amount of the rent. If, however, the apartment is on the periphery and you must take a bus frequently, that money should add.

6. Find out how the reservation mode is
Before choosing between one floor and another, find out the reservation mode to avoid surprises. For example, you may be asked to pay a down payment to book the lease. This advance will guarantee the reservation of the apartment on the agreed dates and the amount paid will be deducted from the total to be paid. The payment is usually made with sufficient days in advance of the "check in" date and the conditions and the payment method vary according to each agency or owner.

Lara Sen