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The Last Several Months Have Been Full Of Natural Disasters – Exploring Each

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The world has been rocked hard by several major disasters within the past few months. Humans throughout the planet have experienced everything Mother Nature has to offer, including tornados, floods, and even earthquakes. No country has been invulnerable to these problems and nobody has been hit harder than the United States. Historic levels of rainfall were experienced in the state of Louisiana. During the Louisiana flood, the Comite and Amite rivers rose to record levels. Although the death toll only climbed to 13, it is believed that more than 60,000 homes have been destroyed.

And, FEMA has been overwhelmed by the devastation, with a total of 106,600 residents signing up for federal aid. Unfortunately, that number is expected to rise in the coming months. The development of mold, due to the stagnant water, will most likely leave a few thousand more Louisianans homeless. The ability to survive with the help of Paracord and the determination of the people of Louisiana has been inspiration, but these people have a long road to recovery. Of course, the United States isn’t the only country that has been devastated by a natural disaster.

A recent typhoon turned the northern portion of Japan into a disaster zone. During the storm, winds of up to 100 miles per hour hit the country and large portions of the land were flooded, due to the torrential rainfall. A recent search of the town of Iwaizumi led to a heartbreaking discovery. Rescue workers were devastated to discover the bodies of at least nine elderly people within the city’s nursing home, which was primarily used to treat dementia patients. At this point, it is believed a total of 11 people have been killed by Typhoon Lionrock, but that number could climb higher within the coming days. The Typhoon is the first to directly hit the country’s northern region since the government began collecting records in 1951.

Just last week, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Central Italy. This natural disaster left thousands of victims homeless and 290 were declared dead. Unfortunately, the townspeople are looking at a long road ahead, involving reconstruction and mending, which will take years. Sergio Pirozzi, the Amatrice Mayor continues to monitor the devastation and encourages everyone to remain positive. He also said that he wanted the city rebuilt to replicate that of the 1500s Cola Filotesio design. Tents have been erected near the villages for the homeless, while they wait for their homes to be rebuilt. The elderly population remains of concern, since they are at a higher risk and unable to move away to rebuilt their life.

Although 2016 is nearing an end, the storm season is far from over. Unfortunately, another natural disaster could be right around the corner. Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, has already declared an emergency for 42 of the 67 countries within the state. It is believed the tropical storm could hit Florida’s Gulf Coast and could being along fierce winds and flooding. Those residing within the area of expected impact should begin taking precautions to protect themselves and relocating temporarily is recommended. The storm is expected to hit the state at hurricane force.

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