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Mariah Carey Joins the Premier Dead Sea Products Line for its 25th Anniversary

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Premier is a company that has been extracting all of the divine natural substances from the Dead Sea that produce its world famous skin care products. Having called upon one of the leading figures in not only the music industry, but radiant skin health, Mariah Carey, any witness to this campaign will immediately know the level of quality present here. Welcome to the world of Premier Dead Sea products.

While the Dead Sea may indeed be a limitless and phenomenal supply for skin rejuvenation and augmentation, only a few leading experts in the world - such as those at Premier - possess the long fostered knowledge and expertise needed to transform natural minerals into powerful skincare products.

Join Premier and Mariah Carey on one of the most well developed and ingenious campaigns geared towards convincing every type of person that their skin is worth the time of day, and that beginning a disciplined and dedicated skincare schedule is one of the kindest and most loving things that you can do for yourself.

“Well, we all love to take care of our skin darling, do we not?”

Mariah Carey

25th Anniversary Celebrations

Premier is a well-recognized skincare brand, one which has finally reached 25 years of exceptional service to bodies all over the world. It comes as no surprise if they are celebrating their phenomenal success by calling upon the most successful female artist of all time, Mariah Carey.

Premier’s Loving Relationship with the Earth

Premier is a company which only employs the most talented and intelligent of researchers. These brainy individuals wield the most sophisticated and advanced technology to harness the natural substances extracted from the Dead Sea.

The meat of Premier’s patented breakthrough performance occurs within their R&D team’s tireless efforts toward bringing about new and highly beneficial products for humans to make the most of when it comes to skin maintenance.

“The benefits are endless!
beside of the 21 minerals and everything else
that we're dealing with, it's holistic ...
I really believe that it's got so many healing

What Makes Premier Products so Effective?

Following on from the points above, the alchemy that occurs within the laboratories of Premier’s creative employees truly is cutting-edge - things which would once only have been possible in a show like Star Trek.

But what is it, exactly, that these men and women are hatching that has led to Premier’s universal acclaim? It all begins by isolating exactly what the skin needs for radiance and vitality: a sustainable source of energy, the perfect selection of nutrients, and, of course, oxygen.

These essential substances, when combined, produce the perfect energy source for your skin tissue cells, which can now thrive in their maintenance and reproduction. While the skin is one of the most phenomenal and powerful parts of the body, it really could use some help.

A Rare Knowledge System

There is much to find in the Dead See that can nourish skin on a level rarely found anywhere else in the world. As mentioned earlier, however, only a small percentage of people know how to harness such properties adequately.

On their own, the minerals found in the Dead Sea are of course very good for the skin, but it takes a fair amount of scientific treatment in order to make the most out of the seawater’s properties.

It is through Premier’s groundbreaking liposome formula that the wonder of the Dead Sea truly comes to life in its most effective form and application. On their own, the properties of the Dead Sea are not absorbed as fast or as comprehensively as they are in the medium which Premier produces.

Continuing ancient knowledge with a modern scientific amplification is what Premier and its dedicated team are excellent at, and their mission statement is nothing less than striving for perfect skin for all ages and types.

What is it About the Dead Sea that is so Special?

If you have never tried products derived from Dead Sea minerals, then you may be curious as to why people rave incessantly. Even those that use Dead Sea products religiously may not be clued up properly.

The Dead Sea has been a blessing to mankind’s skincare efforts for thousands of years now. Not only is a swim in this almost surreal environment completely rejuvenating for the body, it is also mentally relieving and enjoyable, having a profoundly calming effect on the nervous system.

You simply come out of the Dead Sea feeling ten years younger. While the ironically named sea provides so much life to our skin, it also brings much in the way of medicinal treatments, due to its bountiful sodium, calcium, magnesium, silica, and potassium contents.

A Few of Premier’s Best Products

Anti-Aging 24k Gold Mask Treatment

There are plenty of things which one can get out of gold, benefits known to the ancient nobility intimately. The most famous example of someone that swore by gold’s effects was the iconic Cleopatra.

Gold has a profoundly powerful youth retaining power on the skin, permitting its true radiance and vitality to glow through any imperfections and impurities. It is when 24k cold is fused with Dead Sea minerals that we get one of the most effective skin treatments known to humanity.

This combination allows for a superiorly healthy epidermal rejuvenation, to the point where your skin will indeed begin to glow. You skin will become far more durable and strong, creating a barrier between your body and environmental impurities.

Anti-Aging 24k Gold Mask Miracle Noir

There are few hypoallergenic masks that bring better results than the one engineered to perfection by Premier. This cutting-edge level of mask treatment is a result of 25 years of arduous research and perfecting.

You can expect a visibly evident anti-oxidant processing once this mask has been applied, allowing for up to 8 hours of powerful cleanliness and freshness once it has been removed. Speaking of time, make sure that you wait at least 60 hours between each treatment.

While this mask treatment has been rigorously tested for any forms of irritations discomforts, acne-prone skin types should avoid using this product, and you should never apply it to irritated skin or open pimples and acne.

24k Gold Anti-Aging Facial Peeling Mask & Anti-Aging Moisture Cream

Allow gentleness to envelop your face, and feel the active ingredients permeating your pores, allowing for them to be tightened effectively. This mask will also get rid of excess dead skin cells, as well as cleanse of unnecessary oil.

You can expect your skin to radiate thanks to the application of gold alongside the other active ingredients, perfecting the complexion revitalization that you expect.

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