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Have We Lost Control of Female Fashion in Today’s Culture?

Wed, Sep. 27, 2017 Posted: 02:50 AM

When it comes to the world of fashion, practicing Christians are pretty conservative when it comes to their clothing. While bold colors and modern designs are absolutely fine, there are many clothes in today’s world of fashion that Christian women would not entertain wearing. Over recent years, fashions have changed dramatically but some would say that things have gone too far in the modern world with modesty often being forgotten by designers.

When you look at other cultures, the clothing that is worn by women is not only stunning in terms of appearance but very elegant and stylish such as the lehenga choli. However, in Western culture many women feel pressured into wearing clothes that are not at all modest or stylish and in which they feel pretty uncomfortable. Celebrity culture along with off the wall designs have helped to create a world in which many women feel pressured into dressing in a certain way rather than in a way in which they feel comfortable.

Are women feeling the pressure?

A recent debate was carried out online with people being asked to respond to the question of whether women were put under pressure to dress a certain way in today’s Western society? While the majority said no, 40 percent said they felt that they were put under pressure, which is a reflection of the world of fashion today.

It is not just grown women that are under pressure to dress a certain way and even with regards to the way they look in relation to their hair and makeup. Younger girls in their teens are also under pressure, perhaps even more so because they are at a more vulnerable and impressionable age. Even at work, many women state that they feel pressured to look a certain way by wearing heels and makeup when they prefer not to.

Another problem that arises from this is that various reports have claimed that the pressure on younger women and girls to dress and look a certain way has a negative impact on their confidence levels and self esteem. Even girls that had not hit their teens yet were found to be affected, which is something that we would never have dreamed of a couple of decades ago.

It seems that the world of fashion, beauty, and even celebrity has taken its toll when it comes to younger women, and while some may be happy with what they wear and how they look others end up feeling forced into wearing and looking a certain way. Some women feel as though they are judged on their clothes and appearance rather than on their knowledge, talent, and skills when it comes to work. Younger women and girls often feel pressured by the world of celebrity and their peers, with the media often showing airbrushed images of celebrities wearing slinky outfits, which make younger women feel as though they need to try and create the same appearance.

Lara Sen