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What’s the Perfect Facial for Your Skin Type?

Wed, Sep. 27, 2017 Posted: 12:19 AM

There are different types of facial treatments offered by skin professionals from recognized beauty schools in Toronto. Did you know there could be a facial designed specifically for your unique type of skin?
A facial is a beauty treatment for your face which involves steaming, massaging, exfoliating and scrubbing with a set of creams, scrubs and lotions. The procedure usually ends with the application of a relaxing facial mask that helps to create the perfect glow. This pampering experience is a preferred form of skin treatment that women usually enjoy once a month.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, then the first step is to understand the characteristics of your unique skin type. There have been instances where women after pampering themselves with a facial treatment have undergone dark patches or roughness in the skin due to their lack of knowledge about their skin type. To avoid such circumstances, understand your skin characteristics, discuss with your skin specialist and then dive into a facial treatment.

Below you will find descriptions of the different kinds of facials for diverse skin types.

• Platinum, Fruit and Gemstone Facial for Combination Skin

Combination skin consists of both dry and oily tissues, which requires special care. The platinum facial has powerful anti-oxidant effects which safeguard skin’s essential properties and provide a wonderful glow. Fruit facial is also good for this skin type as the presence of malic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid rejuvenates the skin. Gemstone facial therapy helps in fighting blemishes, restoring ideal skin balances and aiding in the cell renewal process. This facial is made of grounded gemstones like ruby, emerald and sapphire, and is mixed with rich vitamin oils and aromatherapy essences.

• Pearl Facial for Oily Skin

Women who have oily skin types may suffer from a lot of acne. To help restore the skins natural balance, pearl facial is the right choice. The effectiveness of this treatment is found in a pearl cream and mask, which are used to absorb extra sebum (oily secretion of the sebaceous glands) from the skin. The benefits of this facial include a reduction in facial grease and the prevention of acne outbreaks.

•Silver Facial for Uneven Skin
Getting clogged pores from dirt results in rough or uneven skin, which often requires detoxification once every month. A Silver facial is the perfect solution for combating rough skin. It consists of gel, glow scrub and cream, which when used together, restores the natural pH balance of your skin. The formula also helps to clear pores and prevents blackheads.

• Galvanic Facial for Dry Skin
Dry skin appears flaky and malnourished, requiring a treatment that will completely rejuvenate the skin cells. The galvanic facial is one of the best solutions for this type of skin. The procedure involves the use of mild electronic currents with positive and negative ions, which stimulates and refreshes dry skin.

• Gold Facial for Dull Skin
Life can be demanding and cause stress on your body. As a result, your face may show signs of tired and dull skin, which requires a boost. The gold facial is an appropriate treatment because it targets and removes dead layers of skin by using a gold dust-based scrub. Clients will also enjoy a gold cream massage and become taken by the flawless glow from the gold peel off mask.

• Collagen Facial for Sagging Skin
For women who are in their late 30s, they may notice saggy like skin in unwanted areas such as their face. A collagen facial is recommended to treat and correct this type of skin. This facial collagen-boosting product is used to make skin firm and rejuvenate the elastin and collagen lost with age. If you opt to have this facial done once in a while, you will help slow down the ageing process.

• De-Tan Facial for Tanned Skin
Tanned skin is not a problem rather it’s all about removing the discolouration of your skin caused by UV rays. A De-tan or skin-lightening facial is effective to help treat this problem by promoting healthy skin. For tanned skin, this facial is apt on a monthly basis.

• Diamond Facial for Damaged Skin
Flaky skin with loads of dead cells results in damaged skin. Only moisturizing and scrubbing won’t help to rejuvenate damaged skin. The diamond facial is a non-surgical peel treatment that removes dead skin cells.

• Oxygen Facial for Sensitive Skin
Rashes and redness are common for those who have sensitive skin, which makes it harder to find a product or treatment that suits this skin type. A mild massage with a mask of oxygen facial treatment is a perfect solution to hydrate your face.

• Wine Facial for Ageing Skin
Ageing is a main concern for women. You can delay ageing signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and more with a wine facial treatment. The application of polyphenol oil combats the unhealthy signs of ageing and uplifts your face instantly.
Few Things to Keep in Mind
 Before booking a facial treatment, research a trusted salon with skilled professionals.
 Consult with professionals before selecting a facial treatment for yourself.
 Notify the professionals about your skin allergies and ask for recommendations.
 Pamper yourself with a facial treatment once every month to keep your skin tight and rejuvenated.
 Do not wash your face with a face wash right after a facial as this will take away the glowing effect of the treatment.

Keep all of the above-mentioned factors in mind when selecting a facial that is right for your skin. By understanding your unique skin type, you will select a treatment that will nourish your skin and provide an instant glow.

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Lara Sen