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What are some of the most viral sports ads in recent years

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When do you think of some of the most viral sports ads of all time, which ones come to mind? Do you remember The Earl and the Tiger? Perhaps you favored Nike’s “Write the Future” ads. Regardless if you love one sport over another or are a fan of all sports, this list of most viral sports videos will make you want to revisit some of your favorites.

A video becomes viral when several people share, comment, and like it. Millions of videos posted online have a potential to become viral if enough people like, watch, and share it. Sports viral videos are either short films, montages, or highlights showing some of the most amazing plays from any player in any given game. Whatever the reason a sports video goes viral, the goal is having fans talk about them and spread them to all their friends, family, and coworkers.

Earl and Tiger
Regardless if you are a golf fan, you most likely know who Tiger Woods is. Tiger Woods made a name for himself by winning the U.S. Masters in 1997 at the age of 21 and becoming the first African-American to win the title. In 2006, Tiger’s father Earl tragically died and in 2009 he lost most of his sponsors due to the scandal that surrounded him after his multiple affairs were discovered. Earl and Tiger is a brief 30-second ad by Nike featuring Woods staring into the camera as the voice of his father asks what Tiger’s feelings are, what his thinking was, and if he learned anything. The ad suggests Earl has returned to Tiger in his mind to ask him to reflect upon his actions and what he has learned to move forward in life, perhaps provoking a triumphant return to golf.

Write the Future
Nike is arguably the largest name in sports and many of their videos tend to go viral. Nike tends to release more viral videos than any other organization and their Write the Future campaign building up the 2010 FIFA World Cup ad campaign produced some of their most viral videos.

Lebron James Hits Five In a Row
Appearing to be a typical pre-game practice, a sports commentator begins talking about Lebron James just before he starts making 5 full court shots in a row. While the authenticity of the video could be questioned, millions of people viewed the PowerAde video on YouTube.

NFL Fantasy Files
Advertisers love working sports fans into a frenzy by promoting the current or upcoming fantasy football season. NFL Fantasy Files are a series of viral videos designed to stir discussion among Fantasy Football players to get people to discuss the service. The NFL Fantasy Files videos feature several NFL players performing amazing stunts both on and off the field. These videos feature amazing catches and plays to generate a frenzy of Fantasy Football possibilities during the season.

Adidas is All In
One of the great things about sports ads is they can feature anyone on any team in any sport. Adidas did just that with their All In campaign. The ad features a list of sports and music stars all donning Adidas apparel. The ad appeals to all sports fans in a major campaign to push the brand. The ad has had over 3 million views on YouTube since it was published from the Adidas YouTube channel on March 13, 2011.

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