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Do students in Christian schools have more religious or spiritual values?

Wed, Sep. 13, 2017 Posted: 03:21 AM

The decision of parents when choosing a school in which to educate their children involves several choices. One of them, sending them or not to a confessional school. But what effect does this have on students? Do those who are educated in a Christian school end up being more 'religious'?

There is not much data so far on this issue, but more or less subjective impressions, but a recent study shows that the level of real spirituality, in the sense of private faith together with commitment to their community of faith, depends more on the family context and of friends that of the dynamics of their school.

Evangelical schools

In fact, the schools that are called Evangelical or Protestant affect the spiritual practices of students, but do not impact on activities related to the church. That is to say, the students of schools with evangelical inspiration have a greater private spiritual life, and they usually pray and read the Bible more frequently. On the other hand, there are no differences between these students and those of other secondary schools in terms of attendance at services, youth groups or other activities of the local church. The number of young people who go to church is the same in one and other students.

Parents and friends are important in this context

In our opinion, parents should bear in mind is that their own influence and that of their children's friends are much more important than that of the school. In short, the spiritual influence of a school is limited. Adolescents guide their spirituality according to how they live in their home, and also according to the circle of friends in which they move. If friends and parents are closely related to the activities of a church, this clearly impacts that the young person will not only be comfortable in this spiritual environment, but will also carry out not only a larger private spiritual life, but a greater commitment in the activities that are developed at the level of his/her local church.

How if you want to guide a child

Although school place influences, the determining factor is how real Christian spirituality is in the lives of one's parents, and how real it is in the lives of their friends. But of course, christian-based schools are also important. We can not get rid of the good influence given by religious boarding schools.

Thus, the choice between one type or another of education although it has some relevance, as we have seen, at least for the statistical results, show that this will not be definitive nor the factor of greatest influence; rather, family and friends have much more to contribute to the spiritual life of young people than the school in which they are trained. But ... Christianity-based schools will offer a "better foundation" for the development of one's spirituality.

Lara Sen