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A Tribute to the Original Mr. Mobilization

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Last week I wrote a tribute to Brazil's "Mr. Mobilization", Edison Queiroz, who recently went to be with the Lord. Yesterday, however, I had the chance to spend a little time with someone who, in a very real sense, could be considered the "original" Mr. Mobilization. George Verwer, the founder of Operation Mobilization (OM), was with us at Columbia International University, where I'm spending the year as visiting professor and missionary in residence. George in intent on "livin' la vida DOXA," i.e. living for God's glory in all areas of life and among all peoples of the world. He has mobilized and otherwise impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the globe for the cause of Christ. In my case, his greatest impact on me happened in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1998. I was the young leader of a young Brazilian mission agency called CCI-Brasil. George and I sat together at an event where he soon would take the stage to speak. I wanted to glean from his many years of experience, so I asked him what he would have done differently as the leader of a large, global, renowned mission agency. His three-word reply was, "grow more slowly". Wise words from a wise man! George's words were full of significance and I took them to heart. Very specifically, I have since been more concerned with the health of our organization than the size. Large organizations are not necessarily healthy, but healthy organizations grow and are fruitful. Today, CCI-Brasil is a healthy, growing, fruitful organization, and God used George's "three wise words" to help bring about this reality.

João Mordomo with George Verwer at Columbia International University.

George is a fascinating man and I'd encourage you to get to know his organization, OM, and to get to know him. A great place to start is over at Justin Taylor's blog at The Gospel Coalition. Not too long ago he wrote a short but thorough biographical piece about George. You can read it here. It'll be worth the effort. But if you doubt, perhaps my friend Scott's comments might help convince you: "We just love George Verwer and his passion for God. He used to say: 'God is our Gospel.' 'To know Him and to make Him Known.' 'If your CRISIS doesn't have a PROCESS it will become an ABSCESS!'" But a word to the wise. There is a high probability that if you DO take the challenge, you will become "verwerized"! I'm just sayin'.


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