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Bossa Nova, the "Beautiful Game," and Business as Mission

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Pauloʼs career at a world-renowned international business consultancy was taking off. Nonetheless, he felt a deep longing to make a greater difference for God than he thought he was making in business. He sought the advice of his pastor and others, all of whom suspected that God was leading him and his wife Maria to become missionaries. Paulo couldnʼt argue with them; he genuinely sensed Godʼs calling on their lives. His counselors further suggested that Paulo quit his job and go to the only place that could really prepare them to become missionaries - seminary - and then raise their support and be sent out by their church through a traditional mission agency. While he had a nagging feeling that perhaps this wasnʼt the best option for them, there didnʼt seem to be any other possibility, so he quit his job and they went to seminary.

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I'm João, but you can call me John. Since meeting Christ at age 16, my driving passion has been to glorify Him! I’m a “Great Commission Entrepreneur.” I am passionate about starting and leading anything — mission agencies, churches, businesses — that helps fulfill the Great Commission. I also love to speak, teach, preach and write about God's glory in all areas of life and among all peoples of the world.

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