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Healing - Part 2

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Praying for the Sick

All through the Word of God we read about God healing sick people. Sometimes the sick would go to a Prophet or to Jesus for healing. Other times, the friends or family members would ask Jesus for healing for their sick friend or family member. And, other times the sick made no request but Jesus out of His compassion initiated the healing process. Sometimes God/Jesus required faith for healing. Sometimes He did not require faith. Other times He required obedience; that is, that the sick do something to receive their healing.

In my walk with God I have found that Jesus still heals today. Jesus brought healing to those I prayed for under different requirements. Sometimes I just asked Him not knowing whether He would heal or not. Other times, I felt led to pray. Other times, He directed me to pray for a person's healing. Sometimes He required that I include fasting and prayer. Sometimes I needed to pray twice for the person's healing. Sometimes Jesus didn't choose to heal the sick person but instead chose to give healing to some complication within the sickness.

Here are a few examples of my experiences:

1) I had a friend at Church that worked for the same company as I did. We would meet every morning before work for 15 to 30 minutes to share and pray for our needs, the needs of family and friends, and for those we worked with.

One Wednesday morning my friend said that she had pain in her knee. She asked me to pray that God would heal her. I did not know whether God would heal her or not but I asked. She came to me that night in Church, reminded me how I prayed for the healing of her knee. She said that God answered and the pain was gone.

2) I knew a teenage married couple, Bob and Cheryl, in Church who were poor. I was talking with them one Sunday night and Bob mentioned that he had an ear infection. His wife, Cheryl, said that they didn't know what they were going to do because they were poor and could not afford to go to a doctor.

I lifted Bob's need to God. I prayed and asked God to heal Bob supernaturally or provide the financial means for him to go to the doctor.

The same Wednesday night that my friend in 1) came to me about God answering my prayer for her healing, Cheryl came to me before Church started and said that Bod had been healed and told me what had happened.

Cheryl said that the ear infection kept getting worse to the point he could barely hear out of the ear. Plus, his other ear became badly infected too where he could barely hear out of it. They had a clock radio that they used to wake themselves up in the morning. Bob had it turned up full blast so he could hear it.

Cheryl was in the kitchen when the radio went off that morning. Bob screamed out, "Turn that radio down!".

God healed Bob of his ear infections and restored to him his hearing.

3) I had a friend by the name of Rosa. She was helping me with something I needed to do. It required that I lift some relatively heavy things.

The next week when I saw her husband Juan I asked where Rosa was. He said that she was in the hospital and had been there for several days. I asked "Why?". He said that she was pregnant and that she started to bleed. The doctor said that she was going to lose the baby (miscarry) and there was nothing he could do for her.

I really felt bad for her. I knew that this problem was because she was helping me the week before to carry some heavy objects. Had I known she was pregnant I would have never allowed her to help me. The Lord told me to pray that He would heal her.

I prayed with her husband. I asked God to heal Rosa. God stopped the bleeding. The hospital sent her home. She continued on in her pregnancy without further problems/complications, and five months later she delivered a very healthy baby boy.

4) Before Church I was talking with an elderly man, Harley, that I was sitting next to. He had many health issues of which one of them was swollen legs caused by blood clotting in his legs. His legs were getting worse and he was going to see the doctors the next day because they were considering amputating his legs and wanted to re-examine them first and talk with him about it.

I didn't like that idea so I prayed with Harley that God would keep that from happening.

I saw Harley again the next week. I asked him how did it go with the doctors. He said that they decided not to amputate. I was glad about that.

Harley still had the problem. As he was talking with me I got the thought he might still lose his legs to amputation. I didn't like that idea so I prayed for him again. I prayed that God would remove the blood clots in his legs.

I didn't see Harley again for some time. When I did see him I asked about his problem. He showed me his legs. They were back to normal size as if nothing had ever been wrong. I asked him how did that happen. He said that God had been removing the clots from his legs which made his legs go back to normal.

Harley had many health issues. God did not have me pray for them. I was only concerned about the blood clots and the possibility of amputation.

5) I met a lady, Chris, who was about 40 years old at a nursing home that was dying from Hepatitis C. She had contacted the disease from a blood transfusion she had received when she gave birth to her first child about 20 years earlier.

I had become friends with Chris and her family.

Chris use to be in and out of the hospital often with complications from the disease.

One day I just felt like something was wrong with Chris. I asked my friend Helen to pray for her.

Later we found out that Chris was in the hospital dying. When I had asked Helen to pray for her she was in a coma just hours away from dying.

Chris had just a few weeks before been placed on the organ transplant list. The night she was dying a 17 year old woman who was an organ donor died in a bus crash. She was a good match for Chris. Chris' doctor got her liver and did the surgery which spared Chris' life.

Chris was doing well with her new liver. She was able to leave the nursing home and to go home to be with her family.

Because the Hepatitis C virus was still in her blood it eventually affected her new liver. She would have problems and needed to be hospitalized from time to time. People at Church prayed for her healing.

One day Chris bloated up. She had gained about 40 pounds in a very short time. She said that she wasn't able to urinate nor have any bowel movements. Her body and legs were greatly swollen.

God told me to fast and pray for her healing. I did.

Right afterwards Chris was talking with one of the Associate Pastors at our Church. He asked her about her relationship with the Lord and if she was confident that should she die that night she would go home to be with the Lord. She assured him that she was saved and would go to Heaven when she died. He prayed for her healing. That night she spent the night on the commode. She said that she eliminated 20 pounds.

Chris had to go back to the hospital the next day. We spoke for a good while on the phone. I talked with her about her relationship with God as well. I felt led to pray for her before we ended our conversation. I prayed for her healing.

 Again, that night she eliminated the additional 20 pounds she had gained by not being able to have bowel movements nor urinate.

When my friend Helen and I went to see her at the hospital as she was nearing death I looked at her legs. All the swelling was gone even though all the blood tests were showing that it should not be that way.

Chris died from the complications of Hepatitis C. Helen, myself, and our Church prayed for her healing. God chose not to heal her but to take her home instead. But He did choose to bring a healing from a complication she had as a result of her disease.

6) My elderly friend Virginia lived in a nursing home. I use to visit her often.

One day while walking down the hall she had a stroke. I didn't know this until I went to see her. When I saw her she had just come back from the hospital.

I walked into Virginia's room and two physical therapists were there trying to do physical therapy with her in hopes of her being able to one day be able to use her right arm again and to be able to walk.

Virginia struggled much. The therapists wanted her to stand but she just was not able too even with their help.

The physical therapists left because she was very tired and because she had company.

I stayed and visited with Virginia. She was very scared and fearful. She wasn't able to move her right arm, and certainly couldn't walk or stand.

I prayed for Virginia before I left. I asked God to bring healing to her. It seemed like my prayers were going nowhere. Finally, I asked God how I should pray for her. He told me to pray that He would give her strength. So that is what I did. After praying for her I left.

The next morning God told me to go see her. I went. When I entered into her room the physical therapists were there again. There was a big change in her from the day before. She was now able to jump up quickly from a sitting position on the side of her bed and to sit down all without help.

God did not restore Virginia's body back to the way it was before her stroke but He did heal her enough over time after her physical therapy ended where she could, without help, feed herself, cloth herself, brush her hair, take a shower, and walk, though not as fast as she could before the stroke, without any aide like a cane or a walker.

God still heals today. When you pray for someone who is sick don't hesitate to pray for their healing even if you don't really know if God will supernaturally heal that person or not. If God tells you to pray for someone's healing then obey.

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