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Healing - Part 3

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Praying for Sick Animals

I shared in Healing - Part 2 that I have found that God still heals today. I gave several different examples of God healing people I knew who were sick.

Sometimes the sick asked me to pray for them. Sometimes God told me to pray for them. Sometimes God told me how to pray for them.

Sometimes God gave complete healing. Sometimes it was a partial healing.

I have found that God will bring healing to our pets as well.

Here are several of my experiences of God intervening for animals I have prayed for:

1) I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the city bus to come. There was a pigeon with a broken wing trying to fly but could not. I felt sorry for the bird. I knew there was nothing that man could do to help the bird get well and fly again. Death was its only option.

No one was around to take a large stone and bash the head of the bird so it would die. I could not bring myself to do it.

I went to the Lord with it. I asked the Lord to either heal the bird's broken wing or take its life.

I kept asking as the bird kept trying to fly.

Finally, the otherwise healthy looking bird, rolled over as if under command, came to attention as if under authority, and died.

2) I was friends with a family (Maggie and her two grand kids) that had adopted a homeless Dachshund that they saw roaming down their street. The grand kids named the dog Slinky.

When I went to visit with Maggie and the grand kids one day Slinky was dragging his hind legs. I asked why. Maggie told me that the day before Slinky had been run over by a car.

From all appearances it looked like his lower back and possibly his legs were broken.

The Lord told me to ask a friend of mine, Helen, who was an intercessor, to pray for Slinky. When I got home I called Helen, told her about Slinky, and asked her to pray for him.

Helen prayed for Slinky's healing. She prayed in English, confessing to God that He was able to heal Slinky, and asked Him to heal him. She then began to pray in tongues. Afterwards she started praying in English again saying "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, Hallelujah. Hallelujah.".

The following day I went back over to Maggie's house to see Slinky. Much to my surprise Slinky was now able to stand and walk though not real well.

I asked Maggie what happened. She said she didn't know. When they went to bed the night before Slinky couldn't walk but could only drag his legs. By morning he could stand and walk.

I told Maggie that God told me to have Helen pray for his healing and that she prayed.

In about 2 or 3 days after Helen prayed Slinky was back to normal.

3) My dog Andrew had a wart that became cancerous. The Lord told me to fast and pray for his healing. I did. Nothing happened. Then the Lord told me to do it again. I did. Still nothing happened.

When I went to Church I felt led to ask my Pastor and the Church to pray for Andrew during prayer time.

My Pastor prayed for Andrew's healing.

A few days later I was looking at the cancerous wart. From my spirit I said out loud, "I curse this wart." I was scared when I said that because I am not one to curse anything.

A few days later I was looking at the wart again. I noticed that it had shrunk and only a part of the wart was cancerous/discolored. Again, from my spirit I said, "I curse this wart.".

When I went to look at the wart a few days later it was gone and the skin was healthy looking.

My dog lived about 4 or so years after this incident. The skin remained healthy and the wart never came back.

4) I had found out that Andrew had heart worms. The infestation had entered into the advanced stage. I had no money to have him treated.

I fasted and prayed that God would remove the heart worms. God chose not too.

Andrew was sleeping next to me in bed one night and he died. I cried out, "Andrew! Andrew!" with my heart saying "Come back. Come back." Andrew began to breathe again.

God didn't remove the heart worms but He sustained him instead before he died from its complications about 8 to 10 months later.

God cares for animals. He feeds them (Matt 6:26) and nothing that happens to them escapes His notice (Luke 12:6). We can go to God with the sicknesses of our family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers and we can also go to God with the sicknesses of animals and our pets.

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