Loss is Gain
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Get a Move On

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There was once a very stubborn individual. His name is irrelevant. All that you, the reader, need to know is that he was a very faithful, but very stubborn man. One day, the rains came and they did not quit for some time. The floodwaters rose so quickly that this man was forced onto his roof for safety. After some time on his roof, the waters still on the rise, a National Guard rescue helicopter came by and lowered a ladder. This man, however, opted to stay on his roof. His reasoning, which he screamed to the pilot, was that he was a man of God, and God was going to save him. Sometime later, a police boat came by offering rescue. The man, again, told the police boat to move along because God was going to save him. A little while thereafter, a man in a dingy came by and told the man he was soon to be washed away if he did not get in the boat. The man, faithful but stubborn, told this third individual what he had told to previous two – that he was waiting for God to save him. Sure enough, the man was soon washed away and was never heard from again. When Jesus greeted him in the ever after, naturally his first question to Christ was, “Lord, why didn’t you save me? Why did you just let me wash away?” Christ replied, “I sent you two boats and a helicopter. What were you expecting?”

If there is one thing that bothers me about my brothers and sisters in Christ, though it seems it is far more prevalent in the brothers, it is this misguided idea that in order for God to work in and through our lives, we have to cease to actually live a life. It defies understanding. Go and do something! There is nothing you can do that will ever catch the eternal God off guard, and there is nothing you can do that will ever be too great for God to work through. If you are worried about doing something that will take you out of bounds of God’s will for your life, stop worrying.

We are told to follow Christ, and absolutely we should. Look at that word – “follow.” It is a verb, an action. You cannot follow if you are not moving in some general direction. You may stumble around, and you may zigzag, but to follow is to move. If you sit around waiting for God, He will be there, but He may match your inaction. Step out in faith and follow.

God called Abraham to pack up and move to a country to which he had never before been. God did not say to Abraham “I will bless you so that you can go forth boldly.” No! He called Abraham to go forth boldly, that His great blessing might follow. Look at the Apostles and the Great Commission. They were not told to sit tight and await the world to come to them. To the contrary, they were told to take the Gospel to the world. They were given their marching orders and they went. They didn’t worry about stepping out of God’s line. They went forth prayerfully, boldly, secure in the armor of God. Because of them, we know Christ, and because they moved in faith, we are all tied together in the faith.

That is the secret – faith. You must move according to God, and to do so you must remain in prayer, but you must believe that if you are in line with God, and you get the fancy to do something, that this is God calling you to act. God’s blessing is not always a shiny gift. Sometimes – often times – it is dirty and jagged, and very hard to handle. Regardless of its presentation, God works in and through all things. Move in prayer, act boldly, and have faith. God has not called us to live in a box. He has not called us to live in fear. He has endowed each of us with gifts, interests, skills, and knowledge that sets us apart from the other 6 billion people we share the life. Why, then, would he set us up for a life of such inaction? He wouldn’t. It is just that simple. He would not bring us into a life in which we are called to waist the gifts He has so mercifully bestowed.

He must, therefore, want us to use them! Doing so, however, requires not just faith, but great faith. It requires that we act boldly in the face of reason and ration. It doesn’t make sense to quit our well-paying jobs to start churches or go on missions. It doesn’t make sense to forego the normal American Christmas tradition in order to give all that money to charity. Nothing about a life of Christian faith really stands up to reason or ration, which is a good indication that things are going how they should. Christian rationale that shares any solid commonality with worldly reason should really be scrutinized.

Do not be afraid to act boldly. Do not be afraid do things you enjoy, to follow you interests and passions. Do not be afraid to live. God wants you to. You are a vessel through which He acts and moves in this world. If you live in a voluntary stasis, it is entirely likely that you will stay there. God wants what is best for you, but He also knows that you need to come to Him for help. God will lead, but do not be surprised if He waits for you to take the first step.

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