Loss is Gain
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God With You

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Last week was, without going into detail, an awful week for me. It was one of those weeks in which literally everything goes wrong. Before midday Thursday, I had not experienced the slightest feeling of victory or success. By COB Friday, my soul was weary and my body weak. All I wanted was to go home, turn the lights down low, turn on some Willie Nelson, and melt away for the rest of the evening (all of which I did).

As is always the case, however, my brain refused to go along with the rest of my body, so in my low-light socially isolated oasis, my mind was still hard at work trying to make sense of the week. Before long, a rationale began to form. I have been praying for some time now to regain my humility. Noticing that my new job was making me both arrogant and worldy, I have been praying for humility to override these other thoughts and desires. As God always seems to do, my prayers were answered, and God humbled me. As St. Paul wrote in 2nd Corinthians, "I will boast, therefore, in my hardships, doubt, persecutions, weakness, and difficulties. For when I am weak, He is strong." As it was for Paul, so it was for me. Christ's grace was (and is) sufficient for me, and as was demonstrated throught the collective of last week, his power was made perfect through my weakness.

God did humble me, though not in the way I hoped (when is it ever in the way that we hope?), but he also taught me a lesson which is nice to be reminded of from time to time. He taught me that he is always with us. I could not have made it through last week without an almost constant stream of prayer. Despite popular belief, no where in the Bible does anyone say that "God will not give us more than we can handle." There is something like it in 1st Cor. 10:12-13, but that only speaks to temptation. I firmly believe that God will allow more difficulty to befall us than we are capable of handling, and I believe he does this so that we have no other choice to survive except to lean on him. The proud will do it there own way, and will fail, but the humble will acknowldge their own impotence and will turn to God to see them through.

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