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11/25/12 at 12:15 AM 1 Comments

Quarter-Life Crisis: Part I

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I always thought that the idea of a mid-life or quarter-life crisis was pure poppycock; that is, until I found myself caught in the middle of my own. I am 26-years old, stuck in a job which, though I am grateful to have, offers me nothing except a means (cash flow) to an end (living on my own). I am single because unbeknownst to 23-year old Jeremy, it is remarkably hard to meet people and make meaningful connections once you are out of college. I have lost my former passions and interests. Socializing, reading, writing, making music – all these things I know to be integral parts of who I am, yet I feel little-to-no desire to take part in them. In their absence, there is a void waiting to be filled, though by what I do not know.

I am in a quarter-life crisis. I feel as if I am trapped between the realities of life, and the dreams that I am only just holding on to. We all dream of working that dream job, but we most often wake up to see that it was just that – a dream. We all would love to have a job which allows us to explore our passions, but once we get home from the office, there is only so much time and energy to go around. We would all love to travel and experience new things, but we are enslaved by the cost of that higher education, which oh-so-ironically promised us freedom.

I have had nine days off from work, and those nine days have been almost exactly what I was hoping they would be. They have provided me time to reflect on my life, and to sort out the tangles of my life. The tangles are very much still there, but perhaps a little less so. I have seen how unhappy I am in my job, though I am no closer to figuring out how to begin solving said issue. I have seen just how isolated I have become by way of spending four nights with some of my very best friends. Through these friends I have also felt a tiny little fire rekindle in my soul for previous passions – reading, writing, music.

I was afforded a lot of time to think, and one of the thoughts I ventured to explore was the idea of a Christian response to quarter-life crises. How should an individual Christian handle his or her own quarter-life crisis? How should a community of Christians handle it when one amongst them finds themselves in such a crisis? These are questions, the answers to which I have not. I do hope, however, to come to some sort of sound footing on these issues. That is the purpose of this blog series, to share with total honesty all that I am going through, as I am going through it. It is my hope that there will be others who might find their way here – others who are going through similar difficulties, who have gone through them and have wisdom to offer, who are yet to go through them and may want to know what could lie ahead.

Thoughts, comments, questions, and criticisms are always welcome.

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