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Timothy Paul Jones

Husband of one, father of two, author of several, professor at Southern Seminary, member of Sojourn Community Church, enjoyer of all things local, adopted by God, enthralled by the gospel

Posted 4/5/12 at 6:02 PM | Timothy Paul Jones

Theseus of Athens and Quivering Cinematography: Reflections on The Hunger Games

The bestselling novel and blockbuster movie The Hunger Games have provoked a wide range of reactions among evangelical Christians. A reviewer from Focus on the Family find in the female protagonist a heroine who determines to value human life, even if that means sacrificing her own. Alvin Reid and Amy Simpson glimpse the gospel throughout the storyline while MovieGuide sees such strong humanistic messages that the film is deemed "unacceptable." Doug Wilson describes the book and film as an exercise in ethical relativism while Dick Staub treats The Hunger Games as a morality tale that moves beyond situational ethics.

From my perspective, such a breadth of responses is encouraging. The Hunger Games trilogy and film deserves neither uncritical acceptance nor flippant rejection from the Christian community. What this piece of popular culture calls for is thoughtful engagement that is willing to listen for echoes of the gospel while critiquing a deeply-flawed worldview. FULL POST

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