Love Our Vets-PTSD Family Support
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Welby O'Brien

Welby O’Brien loves her Veteran husband as they face the daily challenges of PTSD. With a Masters Degree in counseling, she leads the LOVE OUR VETS PTSD Family Support network.

Posted 7/21/15 at 12:05 PM | Welby O'Brien

PTSD: 3 Questions Loved Ones Ask

PTSD is rampant, and inevitably almost every counselor, therapist, ministry leader or anyone may at some point be sought out for help and support by a loved one of someone struggling with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The needs and cries of the spouses, family members and all other loved ones are intense and unique, and unfortunately too often overlooked.

As the wife of a Vietnam veteran who has wrestled with PTSD for over four decades, I know well the agony – along with hope – of the loved ones. Sharing from my own experience, as well as from thousands of others in our LOVE OUR VETS – PTSD Family Support network, here are the three most common (and often desperate) questions asked by loved ones. FULL POST

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