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Faith-Based Social Enterprise-Addressing Poverty

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Most likely there are many of you who have never heard of "Faith-Based Social Enterprise". With this in mind , let me explain what it is and what it does. Faith-Based Social Enterprise is driven by faith that defines a social mission ( such as addressing issues of poverty) and accomplishes the mission through a enterprise or business.These insights come out of my own work leading Hope Initiatives CDC Inc. A FAITH-BASED SOCIAL ENTERPRISE.

  • Faith Defines Mission. We look into God's Word to discover what is most important to Him and of course that is people, all people, but with a special emphasis on the poor and lost. Faith cultivates a consciousness to human suffering and God's Word gives us a moral obligation to address poverty, brokenness,and joblessness (as it relates to poverty) while providing the opportunity to share Christ.
  • Faith Guides Enterprise. The Holy Spirit teaches us in all things ( 1st Cor. 2:13) including what business activities are best suited for our abilities and skills and to accomplish the mission at hand. At Hope Initiatives our mission is to reduce poverty by attacking joblessness in our community. We work with the chronically unemployed including ex-offenders by providing jobs and job skill training.
  • Mission is Faith in Action. Being mission driven demonstrates an active faith. We see it working every day and are encouraged to enlarge our enterprises to hire more individuals in need.
  • Mission Gives Purpose to Enterprise. If we just had an enterprise without a strong sense of mission we would just be another business. We don't exist to make a profit, but we need a profit to achieve our mission and perpetuate the ministry for the future.
  • Enterprise fulfills Mission. Without enterprise we could not provide jobs, or training. The enterprise becomes the vehicle we use to achieve the social mission as well as providing all the revenues necessary to sustain ourselves.
  • Enterprise builds Faith. As the enterprise advances and achieves the mission, it builds faith by proving the entire cycle can work together to bring real life solutions to the human suffering that accompanies joblessness.

This is just a primer to to help you gain an understanding the functionality of Faith-Based Social Enterprise. I believe that it is one of a new generation of compassion ministries that touch the real needs of those who are poor.

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