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Open Your Hand Wide ( Book Excerpt, 2 )

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In his book Open Your Hand Wide: American Poverty, Welfare and the Power of Christian Compassion, ( 2012, Deep River Books) author W.J. Daubney examines the historical and spiritual context of poverty and welfare, and challenges believers and the church to demonstrate the love of God to a lost and hurting population of poor, right here in America.

This is an excerpt from Chapter one that continues to examine the Six Spiritual Premises of poverty. Excerpt 1 looked at the first spiritual premise that poverty at its deepest root is a spiritual problem, in this excerpt we will explore premises two and three.

Building upon the first spiritual premise that poverty is at its deepest root a spiritual problem ––– " Second, poverty will never be totally eradicated from the earth. While ridding the earth of this curse is a noble and well-intentioned objective, the Bible in Deuteronomy 15:11 and Matthew 26:11 clearly states the poor will always be with us.

Third, since poverty has a spiritual root cause, money alone cannot adequately address the problem. Spiritual weapons must also be used to combat poverty's challenges. Prayer, godly wisdom, compassion, and accountability must all be employed to help a person become free from what entangled them. ( 2nd Corinthians10:4, Ephesians 6:11- 12) "

As Christians we are responsible to filter our ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the Word of God and to let the Holy Spirit help us understand where we need to adjust our thinking. These Six Spiritual Premises help us gain a different and insightful view of poverty and how we are to respond.

Open Your Hand Wide is available at, Amazon & Christian Book stores.

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