Making Hope Possible
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Open Your Hand Wide Excerpt

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W.J. Daubney is the author of "Open Your Hand Wide, American poverty, welfare and the power of Christian Compassion." He is the Executive Director of Hope Initiatives CDC Inc. a faith-based social enterprise. This excerpt is taken from Chapter 12 of his book.

"When the world says 'give up,' Hope whispers, Try it one more time" ( Unknown)

"The curse of poverty and hardships of the poor present opportunities for the church to bring hope into the lives of others as we open our hands wide to help. Bringing hope into a seemingly hopeless situation is God's call for us. There are many ways to accomplish this mission, but they all require a soft heart and a willingness to learn. As government budgets tighten, religious or faith-based services have been increasingly looked to as viable partners to help provide solutions to address poverty.

There are intrinsic qualities embedded within the fabric of churches and faith-based organizations that elevates caring for others to an entirely new level. Attributes such as compassion, love, and a servants attitude help to break down the barriers of suspicion and doubt, to open doors which material assistance alone cannot open. Spirit-filled faith institutions also seem to voice a consistent message of caring for the poor while government and for-profit groups are subject to the winds of political change and profit margins.

As we set the stage for churches and ministries to make ever-increasing, sustainable contributions in the fight against poverty, we must also be faithful to examine our hearts and minds, so our contributions will have the intended fruit bearing effect."

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