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Open Your Hand Wide Excerpt # 5

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In his book Open Your Hand Wide, American Poverty, Welfare and the Power of Christian Compassion (2012, Deep River Books) author W.J. Daubney examines the historical and spiritual context of poverty and welfare and challenges believers and the church to demonstrate the love of God to a lost and hurting population of poor, right here in America.

This is the fifth excerpt from Chapter One which outlines the Six Spiritual Premises of poverty. This excerpt looks at the sixth and last premise.

" Sixth (and final), don't expect the world will understand or accept the spiritual truth about poverty and our call to help. As believers we walk in the light, and the world walks in darkness which can never comprehend the light. (John 1:5)"

We now understand that at the deepest root of poverty is a spiritual issue. Spiritual problems require spiritual answers. Money and programs alone can never solve problems with a spiritual root. It's a waste of resources and energy. With these truths in mind, it is easy to see why the "world" will not believe in these truths. They can't because of the distinction between "light" and " darkness". It makes no difference whether others believe or not. Our job is to seek the Lord's direction and press on to do His work here on this earth, for as long as we have breath. If we do less we are diminishing ourselves.

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