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A Life Changing Story

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I just had to share this story with you.

Two businessmen attend the funeral of a mutual

One man says to the other, "How much did he

The other responds, "He left it all."

Everyone leaves it all. And nobody on their death
bed wishes they spent more time acquiring more to
leave. But I think most people, when they look
into the eyes of their spouse for the last time,
realize that it's their marriage, the primary
relationship in their life, that is eternally
meaningful. Too many people realize in those
parting moments that they should have done things

We all know in the depths of our
heart what's really important in life. But we
forget and get distracted. Consider this short
story a gentle reminder to REFOCUS ON YOUR
MARRIAGE. Because at the end of your days, you'll
have a moment with your spouse that will define
the meaning of your life. It's only a moment, but
it takes a lifetime to prepare for it. Begin now!

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