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Biblical Instruction For The Married: Who Is Eligible to Receive It?

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How interesting it is in this time of life, where the concept of marriage is overwhelmingly perceived through both ignorance and rejection of the truth, as to the quality of its existence, the origin of its existence, and its elimination.

In one instance, just a number of years ago an overwhelming majority view identified marriage as consisting of heterosexual engagements only. Now, however, homosexual engagements are also being regarded as a valid concept, by no small number.

What portends to be a negative denotation to the widely accepted heterosexual marital concept in the recent endorsement of the homosexual concept is that these same-sex engagements partake in an identical process (officiating, covenant (vow), commitment, witnesses) to validate their marriages, as opposite sex engagements validate theirs. The process is the same and it is legal. The process is everything heterosexuals claim as absolute requirements for their marriages to be valid and approved, as long as there is only one at a time. And this includes Christian heterosexuals.

As I pointed out in my first article on this blog, it looks as though tradition is changing - a new traditional paradigm. Of course when one embraces a traditional paradigm that is not "the real McCoy," but is inferior, the one that emulates it is just as inferior, or more so
How can I declare that the marital paradigm embraced by heterosexuals today is inferior? Well, because the heterosexual marital concept is secular and not Biblical, not being sanctioned by God.

A secular marriage is one sanctioned by the government, which almost everyone accepts as completely valid. Through a legal State process, a government-authorized agent performs a ritual, which at the least consists of a witnessed verbal declaration by both parties consenting to commit to each other, in whatever wording they chose to convey that, and, then, sign a prescribed civil document with a monetary cost. They are now legally married. The undoing of it is secular as well. It isn't undone unless the government sanctions it as undone, along with another monetary cost.

Whereas, the Biblical marital concept is governed strictly by a person's sexual intimacies, exclusively, and has God as both a witness and participant. Therefore, no one needs anyone else to determine or witness one's marital status. They can know without a doubt whether they are unmarried, married, incapable of ever having a marriage, or whether their marriage has ended, with no monetary cost, but possibly a spiritual cost. BIG DIFFERENCE between the two!!!

A Biblical marriage requires none of the secular rituals in order to be valid. When a true Biblical perspective is embraced, one will never be deceived into accepting or believing in a counterfeit union, deeming it as valid, which can be and often is the case with the secular concept. The secular concepts inferiority has caused many a male and female to embrace such a counterfeit, violating the Biblical concept, which now includes same-sex conjugations.

Therefore, the Biblical concept is superior, perfect, and is concrete. And here is the most important reason for its adherence: It is the Biblical concept by which we will all stand in judgment of before God, not the secular. It determines whether we are clean or unclean and our bed is defiled or not.

Okay! I said all of that to bring out the point of my title. In the New Testament there is instruction to legitimate married couples as to how they are to conduct their self toward their spouse within that union, e.g., 1Corinthians 7, Ephesians 5, and 1Peter 3. To determine if you are eligible for this Biblical instruction and whether it is applicable to your union is based upon whether your marriage is Biblically valid or not. If it isn't, none of that instruction applies. It is vain to think otherwise. The same as what I wrote concerning divorce. It is holy instruction for a holy legitimate union.

The so-called Christian homosexual who supposes that they have or can have a qualified marriage before God, because the government sanctions it is only deluding their self. The obvious fact that there is not one place in Scripture that addresses such a union, where each person's role is defined in it with instruction, is a powerful indictment against such a concept. In fact, all individual instruction that is given identifies a male/husband and female/wife, exclusively.

The reason why there isn't any Scriptural instruction regarding a same-sex conjugative is because in real life it doesn't and can't exist with God. Just as there is no instruction on marriage between angels and humans. There is no instruction on marriage between humans and animals, or humans and aliens. So, is declaring that Jesus never mentioned or spoke anything against homosexual marriage a very good defense for it?

Wouldn't it be nonsensical to write or speak on something that doesn't exist? However, what is Biblically instructed concerning homosexuality, without deviation, is warning against, judgment, and destruction. Such a presumed marriage is secular, counterfeit, and unbiblical.

Howbeit, not all heterosexual secular marriages are Biblical either. If the marriage is not Biblical, then it is fornicated, bearing the same quality as that of a so-called same-sex marriage. Similar to homosexuality, Scripture warns against a fornicated opposite sex union and pronounces judgment and destruction toward it as well. They both are abominable unions.

One's sexual identity is either male or female. It is the vessel that God created you with and in, and it is for the Lord. He designed these two sexes to complement each other for a purpose of making two into one, in a holy way. Therefore, He has a lawful prescription for our bodies that we must adhere to in order for His righteous will to be fulfilled. To violate His design of your body with another person's body is to defile or fornicate it, with consequences like no other. Hence, "...let it not once be named among you as becometh saints" (Ephesians 5:3). Even to the point where Christians are "not to keep company... with such a one" (1Corinthians 5:11). And "to put away from among yourselves that wicked person" (1Corinthians 5:13).

So, what should you teach your children about the present rulings on marriage? Teach them the difference between secular marriage and Biblical marriage and that the Biblical one is absolutely what matters for eligibility to its instruction for an undefiled and holy marriage before God.

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