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Does a Spritual Union Exist In A Biblical Marriage?

Sun, Oct. 01, 2017 Posted: 08:06 PM

Is there a spiritual union when two people are married? Is it spiritual in nature?

Well, first, accurately defining how marriage originated and proceeded till now according to the teaching of Scripture will provide a very clear answer to this question.

If you believe the many concepts disassociated from Scripture, generally prescribed by various Christian teachers, organizations, or any other source, as to the existence of Biblical marriage, i.e., covenants (vows, betrothals), contracts (earthly or heavenly), civil documents, the need of witnesses, leaving and cleaving, appropriate age or experience, etc., then you may as well add this spiritual notion to your list as well.

Making a marriage Biblically is very serious and exacting to the born-again believer, yet involves none of those things stated above, because marriage can exist without any psycological mindset, sequential steps to be adhered to or attained, ritual, tradition, or secular inputs. All that is needed is a male and a female knowing the sexuality of the other.

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Because the vast magority of professed Christians are ignorant to or refuse to acknowledge the way marriage comes about as it does, certain teachers attempt falsely to create rituals or mystical scenarios to emphasize the seriousness and holiness of marriage, even though they can’t and don’t support it through Scripture, unless Scripture is misapplied by them. Otherwise, if they don’t create these scenarios, all they have is a secular document.

Biblically, there is nothing in a marriage that involves the spirits of the two involved being joined or united into one in any capacity. Marriage does not exist through, or in any way involve the spirit of man and woman, but involves exclusively their flesh as being joined. This joining in the flesh is visible only to God, the same as our spiritual union to Christ, which is what Paul was alluding to in Ephesians 5:32. The physical sexual contact of a male and female are the conditions to which an earthly marriage occurs and is predominately and indisputably conveyed and portrayed as so in Scripture.

Scripture illustrates the joining in fleshly terms and not spiritual terms – man the head, woman the body - the man becoming a member of the harlots body and not of her spirit in 1 Corinthians 6.

Woman was created from man’s flesh not spirit. Woman is a part of man in the flesh and not in the spirit. Everything that makes a marriage “honorable” is the purity of the flesh within that marriage.

If it is a joining of one spirit, just what spirit do they become and where is it described in Scripture? And since the spirit does not pass away as does the flesh, marriage between two would continue beyond death. Scripture says it doesn’t.

Marriage is not, as has been declared, “a spiritual representation of our relationship with God.” Rather, it is an earthly and fleshly type of our joining to Christ’s body in the Spirit and the oneness connection of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

If there is anything spiritual connected to an earthly Biblical marriage it would be the Spirit of Christ that the male and female bring to the marriage in their relationship/obedience to Christ.

What about one spouse being sanctified by the other in 1 Corinthians 7:14?

This is not referring to a marriage where the unbeliever is made clean and pure, like unto the born-again Christian, but rather a validation of acceptance by God of the newly born Christian’s union to the unbeliever, even though the unbeliever’s body is still defiled. Paul validates the marriage, yet he clarifies that this marital union possesses some different rules regarding departure than what is commanded between married Chistians. Practicing Christian’s who deliberately become married to an unbeliever is never validated.

So, to sum it up, Adam said, “woman is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.”

Edward Ridenour