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Hope for Troubled Marriages

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Although there are two people in every a marriage, do you sometimes feel alone? It’s not an uncommon feeling. When asked about marital satisfaction, most people admit to issues like broken trust, addictive behavior, infidelity, emotional neglect, or boredom.

Though many therapists and relationship experts urge these couples to seek counseling, for many, therapy only serves to point out what is wrong with the marriage while doing nothing to make it right. Very often couples fail to heal their marriage because they’re focusing on fixing what’s wrong rather than trying to make new things right.

Traditional counseling typically asks individuals to dig into the past, dredge up problems, or practice communication techniques. These often serve to further distance a couple experiencing relationship issues rather than bring the partners closer.

Luckily there are alternatives to this more traditional marriage counseling. New methods ask couples to put aside their issues and move forward to create a new, stronger bond. Programs like Marriage Fitness show couples that if they can learn to forget the “wrongs” of the past and instead focus on doing right in the present, they are far more likely to rebuild their connection and create a lasting bond.

The key is to learn how to restore trust, improve intimacy, and reconnect. Many couples find themselves ill-equipped to do this on their own but there are options to make a marriage a success.

Though many couples try typical therapy to no avail, the Marriage Fitness system is often described as “the only thing that works”.

For any couples experiencing conflict in their relationship, don’t wait too long before turning to marriage strengthening opportunities. You don’t have to feel alone in your marriage. Reach out for the help you need to keep your relationship strong.

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