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Marriage: The Battle For Ownership

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As most people are aware, never in the history of our great nation has the establishment of marriage, exclusively that between a male and female, been attacked with such ferociousness. Because of this unprecedented assault, it has forced the true Christian church to defend the unchangeable idealistic structure of this "God ordained" establishment as never before.

The church's success on this matter will be determined on whether it is able to effectively segregate Biblical marriage from cultural marriage. At this point in time, it will be hard for the church to do this, because what qualifies and depicts marriage to the culture are the same qualifications and depictions for the church. There aren't any differences.

Along with other themes and reasons, which help form the bedrock of the church's argument, one that is predominately noted by many leaders advocating the exclusivity of heterosexual marriage is "tradition." For centuries, world wide, marriage has traditionally been established between a man and a woman and the tradition of this establishment, up to now, has been preserved. Tradition has accepted and conveyed the natural and Biblical premise that the male and female union is the only true legitimate joining. Therefore, qualifying homosexual unions as a marital equality with heterosexual unions disrupts the tradition of marriage.

However, if heterosexual marriage, its foundation, power, and authority is supported by tradition alone, this argument will fail and is failing. Tradition is viewed as nothing more than what it is, tradition. Tradition can be changed, especially if the object of a particular tradition is defined by the culture. And there are many in our society doing their best to change marital tradition, forever.

Even when additional Biblical arguments, such as, "it is the way God made it in the beginning, it is God's will, or it is God's law" are presented by the church to fortify tradition, they are disregarded and excused away.

Along with the secular arguments, some religious advocates of homosexual marriage proclaim (ignorantly) that Jesus never spoke anything against homosexuality, but rather taught the ethic of love, and homosexuals are capable of individually expressing this love for one another, as do heterosexuals.

Excessive fornication and divorce within heterosexual marriages - not so much among secular marriages, but among Christian marriages - has hindered the power and effectiveness of Biblical persuasions against the fraudulent excuses being made. The moral compromise discovered and exposed in the church is atrocious and works subversively against all valid arguments. What is most alarming is that all the Biblical arguments used by proponents sanctifying the "God ordained marriage" are incapable of persuading many professed Christians to respect and honor it, let alone the culture.

It is imperative going forward that the church of Jesus Christ provide a more comprehensive understanding of marriage and its undoing. If the church does not begin to define true marriage so that it is irrefutable and impart understanding and reverence toward its sacrosanctness, there will be no concrete argument that will distinguish true Biblical marriage from that of the culture.

The true body of Christ, also, must reveal to the world a more solid fundamental reason(s) of the illegitimacy of homosexual marriage, indisputably revealing how marriage does not and cannot exist outside of that between a man and a woman.

Christ's church must be more effective in conveying a straightforward commonsense understanding to believers and the world, beyond the arguments that are presently being assigned, which will enlighten the hearer and distinctly segregate Biblical marriage from secular marriage. Is this possible? Yes, very much so.

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