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Marriage: The Emperor Has No Clothes

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I know this may sound crazy to many that will read this, but with all sincerity and thoughtful consideration, the church's present ideas and perceptions concerning marriage are warped. What I mean by this statement is that when it comes to viewing marriage as depicted and exemplified in the Bible, our understanding and enactment of marriage does not coincide with Scripture. I don't even know how it happened that the church has come to believe and accept our present way of marriage and be convinced it is the way acceptable to God.

I have found it interesting that the way the church deems marriage to be applicable is when two people of the opposite sex have gone before a minister or some other government official to officiate their stated vows. Yes, you read that right. I said "some other government official" other than the minister. Why did I say that, you ask? Well, because when marrying two people, the minister is a government official implementing that marriage on behalf of the state, as do other government officials.

When the minister says, "by the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife," where is he getting his power or authority to make that proclamation? Right! He doesn't get it from God, but he acquires it from the state through his religious certificate stating he is a minister, which has been approved by the state. Trust me, without a state approved certificate no one gets married by that minister legally. In other words, if the Apostle Paul, the minister of all ministers, did not have a license approved by the state in our day, even he would not be able to marry a couple and it be acceptable.

Even though we are led to believe the minister has authority by God to marry, the church accepts the marriages of anyone that didn't use a minister. And, in essence, if the minister possesses such Godly authority, why do they need the states approval? I know of no one that goes to a minister to get a divorce. If a divorce is implemented, who authorizes it and issues the decree? Not the minister.

There is no place in the Bible, Old or New Testament, where God's minister's are portrayed as having any connection to or the power of joining two people together in the sight of God - nor the government. In the New Testament, God's minister's preached, prophesied, healed, and baptized, but they didn't marry people. They understood succinctly, they were not called nor had the power to marry couples, but, rather, they were called to bring the Gospel to the world by the power vested in them by Jesus Christ for the saving of souls.

I am not deliberately or foolheartedly trying to make people mad at me, but in all reality, the document, signed by the minister or some other state official within the state where you were married, is not what God uses to accept or approve your marriage. And, it doesn't matter whether it was your first time or tenth time. That document, no matter how you acquired it, is not God's way. In fact, belief in this document and assumed acceptance by God has been extremely detrimental to Christians worldwide, propagating a sinful lifestyle. It is a civil marital protocol, but it is not the Lord's marital protocol. One needs to know the difference.

I'll ask this question since there may be some skeptics having reservations regarding what I am saying. Based on Scripture, how do you know that God our Father regards that civil document as the instrument by which He deems you to be married? After all, doesn't the Word of God (KJV) state, "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder"(Matthew 19:6). Do you believe it is that paper document that causes Him to join you in your oneness, exclusively? And if it is disposed of by a man or men, does this now mean that the Lord has unjoined the married couple and one is free once again to take another? Can man now "put asunder?"

How many of those documents do you suppose God allows His children to have in their lifetime? Many ministers and the government don't seem to care. What is the limit of His joining that one person together with however many other persons they choose in their lifetime? See, I told you this would sound crazy, at least in our cultural mindset, but maybe it's not so crazy after all. Just maybe our Father is trying to show us a truth about marriage that is important and needful for us to realize. The clarity of that truth can be found in His Word.

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