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Scriptural Declaration: Sex Equals Marriage

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Even though the Christian church at large refuses to admit the undisputed fact that sexual intimacy equals marriage, abundant evidence is found throughout Scripture supporting this fact. In Scripture, sexual intimacy between a male and female always infers marriage.

I don’t know why the church chooses to be so worldly and secular in their marriage concepts and deny what is so obvious in Scripture, which completely exposes the difference between secular marriage and Biblical marriage. In fact, marriage as promoted by the church today has no backing whatsoever in Scripture, which is only natural, because what they promote is a secular concoction of men and not that instituted by God.

There are numerous accounts in Scripture in both Old and New Testament, which announce the occurrence of marriage is when a male and female (marriage only exists before God between these two genders) are sexually intimate. What is clear and unique in Scripture is that when you see “marry” or “married” cited in Scripture text involving the joining of a male and female, it is always referring to them being sexually intimate and nothing else. This is how we know that Mary and Joseph were not sexually intimate until after Jesus was born. We know this by two truths revealed:

1. It tells us that Joseph did not “know” (sexual intimacy) Mary until after she birthed Christ.

2. It does not declare them to be married, but declares them to only be espoused, which is the marriage agreement made between Joseph and Mary’s guardian, and does not make a one-flesh union, as does sexual intimacy. She was Joseph’s “wife” by the Hebrew betrothal covenant only.

Also, Scripture reveals that marriage is either legitimate (within God’s approved design) or illegitimate (in violation of God’s approved design). In other words, adultery is marriage and is committed with or without a marriage license.

We all know that adultery before God is a sexual act, exclusively, and not from saying “I do” or receiving another document. Biblically, all it takes to commit adultery is for one of the two to have been sexually intimate (married) with someone else.

If you look for a definition of adultery in the dictionary you will get a secular definition regarding the marriage license and not a Biblical definition regarding sexual intimacy. Biblically, the only way for one who is married to marry again avoiding adultery is as Paul and Jesus declared: death of a spouse or if their spouse commits a sexually fornicated act (adultery, homosexuality, bestiality). By committing this act they have defiled (sinned against) their body and the pure joining with their spouse. They are now defiled and the innocent spouse must put them away so they do not defile their self with the errant spouse.

Jesus Christ, Himself, clearly delineates this truth that "sex equals marriage" in Mathew 5:32 and 19:9, Mark 10:11-12, and Luke 16:18. In each of these verses, He declares that the couples "MARRIED" to another were all committing adultery, because one of them was still legitimately married, which according to the dictionary definition “Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a partner other than the lawful spouse” does not address. Even Paul said in Romans 7:3 that if a woman MARRIED another while her husband was alive she would be committing adultery. Is this marriage to another in the form of a vow or a license? If this were not lawful, why would Paul say she was “married” to another? And if she was married, how could she be committing adultery according to the dictionary?

So, these questions need to be asked:

1. How can the couples in these verses be committing adultery if they are lawfully married? Surely Jesus wouldn’t label the two committing adultery as being married if they weren’t lawfully married, would he? Or Paul the woman?

2. Do you know of any situation where two people are declared married, but not lawfully married?

3. What law does the church go by to determine whether two people are married or not: God’s law or state law?

4.Does the church differentiate between God’s law and state law? If they don’t, then how can the couples "marrying another" in the verses above be committing adultery – they were lawfully married? If not state law, what law did Christ consider when labeling those couples committing adultery as being married?

Christ’s declaration vividly reveals that the dictionary’s definition of adultery is not based on Biblical marriage law, but secular law and should never be consulted for Biblical applications. Based on the secular dictionary and state law, a divorced person is no longer married – the marriage has been dissolved. However, Jesus clearly disputes that. What does the church believe?

Can you not see the obvious contradistinction present between what Scripture says and what the dictionary defines, which is what the church uses for its theology of marriage to define adultery, as well as fornication?

The Bible’s definition of adultery, however, is straightforward: - it is being sexually intimate with another, where at least one of the two is not eligible to do so, because of a previous sexual intimacy (see my article “The Honor Of Biblical Marriage).

Why does the church so adamantly refuse to acknowledge the discrepancy and contrast between Scripture and the dictionary and instead accept false concepts contrary to what the word of God so clearly articulates regarding the truth of how marriage is made and how it is violated? Why does the church not want Biblical truth? What about you dear reader?

Through not believing the word of God and adhering to it, by embracing unbiblical secular thoughts or notions, many are violating it by committing and living in adultery.

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