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While the Church Sleeps

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     Homosexuals are exposing the traditional marriage fallacy, which is so steadfastly embraced and practiced by Christendom. Christendom is vehemently fighting off the tenacious demands from homosexual's claims of their equal right to be married as heterosexual couples do. Like heterosexuals, homosexual's feel they have just as much right to vow their commitment and love to one another and it be sanctioned and acknowledged by secular government that they have done so.

     Is it possible that homosexuals will be the catalyst in forcing Christendom to finally realize that the traditional marriage concept (and its dissection) is a secular unbiblical standard, which is defined by men and not recognized by The God who created and designed marriage from the beginning? Will the church of God be placed in a corner, for the world to behold, where Christ's body will either: acquire the understanding and begin to practice true God-ordained Biblical marriage or surrender and share their secularized marriage concepts with homosexuals, along with any other contemptible deviant connections desiring to be recognized as marriage by a worldly government?

     If Christendom were to comprehend and apply the Biblical truth of marriage and its violation, instead of the false concepts of secular marriage now exercised, they would take away any and all claims homosexuals tout as reasons of equality, as well as resolve the church's perplexity regarding its pre-marital sex and divorce dilemma. Unfortunately, the church has taken sacred Biblical marriage, created and ordained by God, and have corrupted it with the traditions of men. Mathew 15:9 "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (KJV)

     The story of Sampson and Delilah in Judges Chapter 16 is a perfect example of the church's past and present direction. As Sampson was attracted to and flirted with Delilah (the ungodly world), he was lured into her deception causing him to lose his ability to defend Israel, power with God as a representative of His glory, and victory over his enemies through which he lost his freedom and life. The story of this godly man's misguided antics depicts the position of the church today. Because of the church's increasing degree of love and aspiration for the world, it has fallen asleep in the arms of the world, thereby, allowing the world to void its power and purpose, fashion its concepts, and affect its destiny.

     Even though the church rightfully acknowledges that marriage is between a man and woman (in most cases), it's sleeping is causing it to be incognizant of how its acceptance and promotion of the unbiblical traditional marriage concept allows anyone to claim equality to it. This is why it is so easy for ungodly people to adopt the same concept to their marriages. This has been the case for non-Christian heterosexuals for how long. Now look at who is staking their claim, as well? What's next?

The secular traditional way of marriage is not God's way and cannot be defended in the Bible.

     Let me point out some aspects used by Christians to justify their marriages, which non-Christians and homosexuals use for defense in their marriages as well, yet is not defensible Biblically and does not make a marriage before God:

1. They love each other - Love does not make a marriage. The marriage union, between Christian heterosexuals, can exist whether love is present or not. A lacking thereof does not hinder it, nor extinguish it.

2. They say their vows to one another publicly (which some people deem as a covenant, wrongly) - Which vow is acceptable to God or does any vow do? Some have vowed "as long as our love shall last." Again, for Christian heterosexuals, marriage can exist with or without vows conveyed.

3. Never, in Scripture, will you ever find a church leader, let alone any government official, marry two people. Neither of them have any authority with God, whatsoever. They cannot marry anyone. In fact, a church leader is nothing more than an agent of the government concerning marriage.

4. Commitment - Christian heterosexual's have no choice but to be committed to one another once married; that is, if they don't want to be committed to fornication.

5. Never is the church or government an authorization as to whether two people are married or whether their marriage can be annulled, allowing them to be remarried. God decides that alone. Men are not aware of all private things, but God is.

     Being married by God involves no documents, therefore, no lawyers or judges. Also, there is no such thing as premarital sex. When it comes to marriage, men have successfully striven to apply counterfeits in prescribing what constitutes a true marriage initiated by God, as well as excuses to justify "putting it asunder."

     Marriage is not and cannot be defined by man, because man did not make marriage. It was created at the beginning and ordained of God. He alone defines and determines marriage, when it is violated, and when it can be dissolved. This is what makes it sacred. The marriage that the church now regards is not sacred, because it is defined by men and enhances many to sin.

     The church is ignorant to true Biblical marriage. However, I believe, eventually, God's people will have no choice but to accept the Biblical way, because they will be forced into accepting it, if they want to be sinless and separate from the world. For to be in Christ, one will be separate from the world and will glorify God through their acceptance and exercise of His way in their own lives, as well as teach the world what is the true way. Otherwise, they are neither salt nor light to the world. "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesars, and unto God the things that are God's."

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