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9/4/11 at 08:36 AM 1 Comments

If you hear his voice

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Scripture: Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart. Psalms 95:7-8

Prayer: As I was looking up Scripture for today, in addition to the Psalm above, I came upon this quote from St. Augustine: We ought to be persuaded that what God refuses to our prayer, He grants to our salvation. Help me, Lord, to accept graciously your will in my life.

Response: The stillness that envelops you this morning and most mornings is special as you would consider a deep sharing with a friend or even stranger that you encounter. If your reflect upon those special occasions, that happened by chance—or so it seemed, or the depth of sharing which you experienced that was unanticipated—such is the dimension of an intimate relationship with the Lord. It is as if you gathered for one reason and discovered a totally unanticipated outcome. The same occurs when a routine walk, perhaps on a beach or in the mountains. It is as if you sense a presence in your every step— to your every thought. In both instances you become aware that you are not alone, but encountering the Lord in His full majesty.

So the theme today is to listen; listen closely; listen closely and often. Not a bad theme when you consider how throughout the day you listen to or read in the media slogans that shout at you to do this or that, think this or that, judge this or that.

But then, St. Augustine enters and wisely counsels that what you pray for might well in your formulation not be answered. Ah, hah—what does he mean? Simply stated, he is saying Relax! What prompts you to believe that you can formulate or design the outcome for which you pray? And here is where salvation—your salvation—enters, because it is in accepting—yes, yielding—that your salvation is assured.

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