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A Good Friday

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The day the Lord Jesus Christ died on Calvary’s cross outside the walls of Jerusalem was a good day. That day over 2,000 years ago showed us who we are and what we are capable of doing. That day also showed us the love of God, the mercy of God and the grace of God. We can just go on and on regarding the attributes of God shown on that day.

When we read the account of Jesus’ trial and what took place at Calvary, it shows the capacity of human beings to do evil. The Lord Jesus went around doing good, healing the sick, healing the lepers of their leprosy, giving sight to the blind, making the deaf to hear, raising the dead, preaching the gospel to the poor and speaking out against corruption among the Jewish religious leaders. Yet He was despised and rejected of men.

This depraved human nature that we possessed is capable of any atrocity. We should not be alarmed at any heinous crime committed in our society or in the world. Jesus’ death on the cross shows us the depth we can go to execute our hatred to a person or to a cause. Yet God used this despicable act to bring salvation to the world.

What a Soverign God we worship and serve. While human beings were doing their worse to rid the earth of Jesus. Our God was using the very act to reconcile us to Himself. The Lord Jesus gave up His life in death. No one killed Him, and God raised Him from the dead on the third day.

The Lord Jesus died that we can be forgiven of our sins and He rose from the dead so we who believe on Him for salvation can have a new life in Him, even eternal life. John 11:25-26 What an Almighty God we serve!!
That Friday shows us who we are and who God is. What a Good Friday!!!

Read Matthew Chapters 26 – 28; Mark Chapters 14 – 16; Luke Chapters 22 – 24; John Chapters 18 - 20

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