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Giving Thanks

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Giving thanks is always a bit difficult. The Lord Jesus when He was here on earth once healed ten lepers, and only one returned to give Him thanks. I do not know about you, but sometimes I do not feel like saying “thank you”. Sometimes I forget to say thank you to the person holding the door for me to step into a building.

Giving thanks always – means all of the time – no excuses, no forgetfulness, no apprehensions. It takes effort and discipline to always say thanks.

Giving thanks always for all things means everything is included. No item is left out. We are to give thanks for the things we consider good. The things we consider bad. The things we consider to be inconsequential, and the things we consider unworthy of our thankfulness. We are happy to give thanks for the good things, the good happenings in our lives. We are overjoyed to do so, and we – I know I do – let everyone around us know that we are.

Giving thanks for the things that we consider bad or negative is like swallowing a bitter pill. Sometimes we choke on the words – thank you. We see the happening, the circumstance, the event, the item as having no value for us. Why then give thanks? I know I have in the past offered a few thank yous sarcastically to ones who have offended me.

We are to give thanks for the things that we consider to be naturally a part of life. Breathing is a good example. Try living without breathing. We definitely should give thanks for the breath of life.

We are to give thanks for the ugly things that come across our path or that are a part of our lives. Give thanks for things that distress us such as a disobedient child, a wayward spouse, a disability that encroaches on our lifestyle, an annoying friend or relative. We do not want to give thanks for these situations. We consider these things to be unworthy of our thanks.

To whom do we give thanks? We give thanks to God the Father. In our everyday living, we thank people for a variety of reasons: holding the door for us, giving us compliments. We usually give thanks to people for the good things they do to us and for us.

God our Father is requiring us to give Him thanks always for all things in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20 Why? “….For this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18. NKJV  It is the Will of the Father that we should give thanks always for all things in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Why in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ? The Lord Jesus Christ died for us. He paid the penalty of our sin on a cross on Calvary’s hill, outside of Jerusalem over two thousand years ago. The Lord Jesus is our Mediator -between God and humankind. He is our Redeemer and Savior. It is through Jesus Christ, when we accept Him as our Savior and Lord, that we can come before the Eternal God –who then becomes our Father.

When I was a young believer in Jesus Christ (both in age and in faith), I wanted the will of God to be done in my life. The Will of God seemed so awesome and how to achieve it was beyond me. I prayed every day, “Lord, I want your will to be done in my life”. Years later, I recognized the general will of God for my life is in His Word. Regarding His specific will for my life, He continues to open doors for me. It is the Will of God that I should give thanks always and for everything. This is one of many statements that are in God’s package for me and for you titled, “The Will of God for my/your life.”

If we desire and are willing to live God’s Will in our lives. One of the “habits” we have to cultivate is giving thanks always for all things to the Father. We are to thank people as well. However, we must thank the Father – our Father, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the Will of God.

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