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Human Beings and Animals

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I saw the video online of a four year old boy’s encounter with a 450 pound gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. The Zoo employee saw the danger the gorilla posed to the child and the gorilla was killed. There has been outrage and anger over the killing of the gorilla by many. A four year old child cannot defend himself from a 450 pound gorilla. Even a man in that situation may be hard press to find a solution to avoid a confrontation with the gorilla.

I was amazed at the outcry of many people who seem to care more about the life of the gorilla than the life of the child. Which life is more valuable? Which life has more potential for good on this earth? The gorilla’s or the child’s? A human’s life is more precious than any animal. Human beings were made in the image of God. We are eternal beings. Animals are not. God breathed eternity into man. This is why we can never be satisfied with just earthly stuff. We desire more. We yearn for more. Eternity is in our hearts.

God has given humankind dominion over the works of His hands. God has placed all animals, birds, fish, every living creature under the submission of mankind. Psalms 8. Human beings are not on the same level of life as animals. We are made a little lower than the angels. Psalms 8:5. The Zoo took the correct action in killing the gorilla and saving the life of the child.

God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to die, to be buried and to rise again from the dead, in order to redeem Adam’s race – the human race. We are not animals and we should never see ourselves on the same level as animals. Every believer in Jesus Christ must believe that Jesus is the Creator of the universe, and the creator of humankind. The belief in evolution will allow us to treat a human as an animal. The belief in evolution will also encourage us to strip human life from its God given dignity. When an animal dies it dissolves in the earth. When a human dies, his or her spirit leaves the bodyand goes to heaven or hades. The human spirit lives forever. Human life is precious!

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