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Marriage Life

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This week my husband and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. Our wedding day was sunny with temperatures in the 70s. It was truly a beautiful day. If I may say so the bride also looked beautiful. The groom looked great as well. The flowers in the church’s gardens were still in bloom adding to the look of a summer day. I still love church weddings.

Our marriage has enjoyed many sunny days. Having and nurturing our three children were sunny days. Every graduation and every achievement were sunny days. Transporting our children from and to school and from and to every event throughout the years were sunny days. We had some cloudy days along the way, but the Son always shone through. Intermittent showers of blessings always rained at the right time, meeting needs and spreading smiles on our faces. There were a few thunderstorms, not many, thank the Lord. We rode through them speaking the truth – not always in love, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not, praying silently, giving and accepting apologies, hugging and the like. The Son always shone forth brighter after the storms had passed. God has been great!! We have not encountered any hurricanes. Trust is very necessary in a marriage. Both spouses ought to trust each other.

Ladies: Do good to your husband even when he frustrates you with his ways. Do him good and not evil. Proverbs 31:12 Do not withhold yourself from him. Be industrious and help your family. I have worked many hours of overtime, and the extra funds helped in many avenues of our living. Seeing smiling and happy faces enjoying pleasures was a reward in itself. I thank God He gave us contented children. They were always satisfied with whatever they had. That in itself was a blessing.

Give to the poor. Give to those who are less priviledged than you. Giving is one of God’s blessings to us. Somehow giving seems to make us contented. A husband who has an industrious and generous wife is known and respected in his circle of influence. The husband may think it is his doing, but, it’s his wife. Proverbs 31:23, 31

A wise woman “watches over the ways of her household”. Proverbs 31:27 That is, she observes her children’s behaviors and corrects them. She observes the friends her children choose, as well as she observes her husband’s friends. She is attentive to the welfare of her husband and her children. She is not passive. She watches television with her children. My husband and I did. We knew all the children’s shows and more. A wise mother monitors her child’s interactions with social media, and sets limits if needed.

Ladies, as we move on from “parenting” let us not become slack or tired, but continue to be industrious and generous. Our children may have left home, but they are watching and learning from us now that they have become a little matured. Let us continue to do whatever God places in our hands and let us keep busy. Remember, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised”. Proverbs 31:30

By the way, today and this entire year has been sunny.

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