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The Time Is Now

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“Now it is high time to awake out of sleep.” The Apostle Paul wrote these words to the church at Rome over two thousand years ago. Here we are in the 21st century, and the same words apply to us today. “It is high time” for us “to awake out of sleep”. Why are we sleeping and why should we awake now?

Paul the Apostle said, “Now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed”. Romans 13:11 The Lord Jesus’ return for His Church is two thousand years closer than when those words were penned. Our Lord’s return is closer now than when we accepted the Lord Jesus as our Savior. Paul said, in Romans 13:12. “The night is far spent, the day is at hand.” ….. If “the night was far spent” then, we are very close to the dawning of the morning. The Son is about to rise from his seat at His Father’s right hand.

Are you ready to meet Him? Will He find you sleeping or will He find you alert and overcoming the enemy? Verse 12 continues, “Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness,…” This is a deliberate act of our will. An image comes to my mind of a wrestler going into the ring with his flowing robe. Once in the ring he yanks the robe off his body, and he is ready to wrestle. We must do the same if we have not as yet. We have to throw off the works of darkness. Deny ourselves of any pleasure we derive from them, and serve the Lord Christ. This 21st century we are living in calls for no less. It is time to awake!

  What are the works of darkness? Verse 13 highlights some of them – revelry, drunkenness, lewdness, lust, strife and envy.

Revelry – Living a life sold out to pleasure. Such a one is ready to attend every entertaining event, every party. He/She lives for partying, and is not at all concern about the future or the present for that matter.

As with revelry, drunkenness also affects our way of life and our decision making. This person lives for another alcoholic drink. One can also be drunk or obsess with power or with accumulating wealth. Such a one has no time for the service of the Lord. He/She has to climb the corporate or political ladder, or earn another hundred dollars.

Lewdness and lust are linked together and they usually partner with revelry. We are not to indulge in these behaviors, nor support with our finances those who do. “ Come out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord.” 2 Corinthians 6:17. Our conduct and dress should not be in a manner that will evoke lust in others. If you do not behave in a lustful manner, why then pay and attend such events that promote lust, or watch them on T.V. or on the web. We are to protect our minds.

Strife and envy – spell confusion. Let us not live a quarrelsome life. Do you know anyone who complains about any and every thing and any one? Such a person drains my energy. Gossiping and speaking ill of others can cause strife.

Let us not live an envious life. Always desiring what others have. Do not be envious of others who have what you lack. Thank the Lord for what you have and who you are in Him and be content.

“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” Awake out of your stupor! “And make no provision for the flesh, to fulfil its lusts.” Verse 14 The behaviors listed above fulfils the appetite of our flesh. Why live a life pleasing our human nature? When we can allow the Lord Jesus Christ to live His victorious life in us and produce the following: tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, forgiveness, and love.

 Wake up!!

All Quotes from the NKJV

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