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Needing a Jump Start?

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I continue to feel like this is an important year for me to step out and step back in order to spend more time listening to the voice of God for my next season. Reflecting and refreshing. I can't keep doing the "same things" if I want to move on with God into that next season. Our "same things" can become sooo comfortable that we can find ourselves too afraid of experiencing something new. The problem with that is that we can begin to feel stuck, bored, unmoved, unimportant or possibly not relevant anymore in what we once thought was "our call".

I'm diving into a few cool Bible studies this year which I believe will jump-start my journey and make clearer my next adventure with God. :) Sounds fun to me and I'm praying the next adventure includes travel, music, a new devotional book, tv, boys (cough) - I mean more Bible studies! LOL

I'm still committed to doing a small handful of women's events this year along with special appearances on a few TV shows, but other than that I'm taking much time to grow so that I have something new to give! Plus I really wanna work on my tan this summer! LOL

Do you need a lil' jolt too? Then come along with me in hopes of finding something new for your life, too. Step away! Step out! Step up! The hand of God is reaching back for you and he alone will walk out every little step you take!

A fellow traveler,
Tammy Trent

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