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Christian Singer Vicky Beeching Comes Out as Gay

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Photo: Greg on the Run - Creative Commons
Vicky Beeching performing.

After struggling with same-sex attraction through her teen years and twenties, the Christian singer Vicky Beeching recently came out as gay in an interview with the London Independent. "I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people."

In December the singer from the UK announced her support for gay marriage. In April Beeching wrote on her blog, "Many of you from a non-religious background will think 'Great, so what?'. Many 'liberal' Christians will also think 'Great, so what?' But for me, since sharing my views, (pardon the pun) all hell has broken loose. My inbox has been overwhelmed with angry messages. I'm now daily called a 'heretic', a 'false prophet', a 'massive disappointment to the evangelical church' and many other names too inappropriate to print."

Beeching joins other prominent Christian singers coming out as gay.

Marsha Stevens sang in Children of the Day, one of the pioneering Christian music groups of the 1970s. After the group disbanded, Stevens came out. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music describes Stevens' actions as "Contemporary Christian Music's first official scandal."

Jennifer Knapp and Ray Bolz have also revealed they are gay. Bolz is well known for singing the song "I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb." The Christian Post reported that Knapp "won four Dove awards and was nominated for a Grammy award" for her Christian albums.

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