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Lecrae to Chief Keef: Get Help, Draw Closer to God

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Faith-inspired rapper Lecrae praised teen rapper Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart for his reported desire to "get closer with God" during a Tuesday visit to BET's newly redesigned 106 & Park set. The 17-year-old Chicago rapper who is notorious for his marijuana use and criminal record announced in February that he would like to be baptized.

Lecrae told the 106 & Park hosts "I respect anybody's decision to say ' you know man I need a closer relationship with God."

The teen rapper expressed his desire to be baptized while detained in a juvenile detention center in February. Cozart was detained after he pulled a gun a police officer and violated his parole.

While his manager seemed convinced of Cozart's change of heart, Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks is not. Brooks agreed to baptize Cozart back in March according to but told his congregants at New Beginnings Church that he decided against it.

"I don't know if he'll ever get baptized here," he reportedly told the congregation. "Sometimes you have to just let the chips fall where they may." It is unclear if Cozart ever was baptized elsewhere.

Lecrae did not comment specifically on Cozart's currently religious state, but noted that everyone needs someone to walk them through such a decision.

In the interview Lecrae also said "I don't think HipHop knows too much about Christianity or the Christian faith," responding a question about secular rappers like Pusha T and The Game who reference the Bible in their rap songs or decorate album covers with religious symbols.

He explains that rappers want to "equate themselves to something that's great and I do believe they believe He's [God] is big and powerful and great." Yet he said it "can be dangerous" when rappers try to put themselves on par with God.

Lecrae has steered clear of using labels such a "gospel" and "Christian rap" to describe his music. However he told the BET hosts that he hopes to use his influence in the HipHop genre to better explain Christianity to the culture.

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