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4 Best Online Marketing Tools

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Are you looking for the best online marketing tools? Online business has so many enthusiasts nowadays. Of course, just like the business that you do in the real life, there are so many things you must do in order to get more customers and benefits. Well, when it is online, the promotion, campaigning, and advertising must be done in online way. It is so fascinating since there are so many tools or software that can be used for this matter. Even, many of them can also be found and installed for free. However, not all of them are effective enough anyway. If you are confused with the marketing tools that are the best for you, here are some of them.


Undeniably, promotion is one of the most important things we do once we decide to start an online business. The promotion itself can be done though social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the others. What makes Buffer special is its ability to schedule the post based on the time that we have decided before. Yes, you can set it and even change the setting anytime when it is needed. More than that, this kind of internet marketing tools is not only purposed for the internet marketers but also really necessary for the bloggers to ease them in sharing the articles automatically. Buffer supports RSS service up to 15 and you can connect all of them at the same time.


Analyzing the effectiveness of a blog or website is needed for sure. It is something that influences traffic the most. That’s why, you need a tool like Crazyegg. This tool is basically to assess and analyze whether something is working well or not for your website. It also can make some changes in your website to make improvements. Okay, it is not the only things offered by Crazyegg. There are many other great features available in Crazyegg. One of them is to see what your visitors do in your websites using heat maps and mouse recordings.

Mad Mimi

There are many reviews that make Mad Mimi one of the best marketing tools must be had by any online marketers. Actually, the main function of Mad Mimi is to send email automatically to the targets or subscribers. If they give any feedback, this tool can also respond to it some more times anyway. Indeed, there are many other competitors for this kind of tools. However, Mad Mimi tends to be more recommended since the service enables you to send email in numerous number up to 12.500 emails in a month with the number of subscribers for 2500.


For the reason of increasing traffic, your website needs optimization. Yes, if you are looking for a tool that can optimize your website completely, Hotjar is the best answer. Interestingly, it also has many other features including to spy what your visitors already do while visiting your website. Besides, it can also do many other things like analyzing, doing surveys, and giving feedback toward your website.

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