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God ‘s Original Diet --- Saving Lives and Restoring Health!

Tue, Jul. 15, 2014 Posted: 03:00 PM

As he celebrates his 38th year cancer free, George Malkmus, 80 years old, has released a literary piece that exemplifies the pillars of health that will save lives and restore health.

In the nearly four decades that Rev. Malkmus has been studying, researching and practicing the methods that best promote wellness and prevent disease, he has learned from the best. Whether it was Bernard Jensen, Lester Roloff, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Shelton; working at the Shangri-La Health Resort where he studied and began to lecture;or later serving on panels with the likes of Dr. Neil Bernard, Dr. Joel Robbins, Dr. Russell Blaylock, John Robbins, Dr. Franscisco Contreras, T. Colin Campbell, and many, many others, Rev. Malkmus has been tenacious in his insistence the Bible has the answers to our health woes and that food can either kill you or help your body heal itself.

Rev. Malkmus’ message has been heard in nearly all parts of the world as people have now come to know the Baptist pastor as the one who proclaims from the pulpit “You Don’t Have to be Sick!” Through the years as people have started to practice his teachings, they began to send testimonies, pictures and test results as proof that the Hallelujah Diet helped them regain their health.

The newly released book,God’s Original Diet comprises Rev. Malkmus’latest research on Biblical Nutrition.It outlines the role living foods have on cultivating and developing vibrant health. His words are powerful, his passion is convicting, and if you practice what he preaches, you too can send your health testimony and join the tens of thousands whose lives have been changed forever after living the Hallelujah Diet.

God’s Original Diet will take the reader back to what the Bible teaches about nutrition. Hundreds of verses from the Bible are used throughout the book to help the reader understand that God wants us to be healthy and has provided the formula. Rev. Malkmus starts with the creation of man and how God gave us the diet He designed for our bodies. He then shares how man has left God’s original diet and outlines the resulting deadly consequences. In the book, Rev. Malkmusdiscusses cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues, allergies, asthma, etc., and shows how returning to “God’s Original Diet” provides relief.

Provocative chapters including: “How Prayer Can Hinder Healing”; “How Churches Promote Ill Health”; and even one chapter titled ”Health Insurance – Dangerous to Your Health” will cause you to look at things differently than you ever did before. Throughout the book,Rev. Malkmus pits “God’s Wisdom” against, what he calls,the “World’s Wisdom.”

Over 176 symptoms, diseases and illnesses have either totally been eradicated or significantly reduced creating a quality of life for people that could not be obtained no matter how many health care providers they visited.

Rev. Malkmus’ insights to Bible scriptures and his down right common sense approach will ingratiate themselves into your heart. And with a little of his convincing, you may just find that tomorrow, you will have the understanding, motivation and willpower needed to begin your journey toward ultimate health. You’ll learn how that tempting morsel can do much more harm than just add afew pounds.

Let the words from this book permeate into your soul and you will find yourself closer to quality health and closer to the One who created your incredible, self-healing body. After reading God’s Original Diet and putting into practice the principles within, you will agree that this book is about Saving Lives and Restoring Health.

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