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Andrea Laura

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Posted 10/16/17 at 5:28 AM | Andrea Laura

Top 9 Parenting Apps That Actually Made Their Life Easier

Parenthood is a great time in all our lives where each and every parent have certain roles to play. From taking care to proper food guidance and monitoring, parenting is difficult as well as needs time and patience to learn. Yet, nowadays parenting has become easier with the introduction of various parenting apps. With just a click parents can track and stay well informed about their children.

Here are the 9 parenting apps that are specifically designed to make their life easier.

Pediatric Oncall
If you are worried about baby's’ health and how to take care of your baby then this is the right app for you. Starting from common diseases to consulting doctors and learning various tips to keep your baby’s health good including information on vaccinations, you will get a detailed help from this app. Pregnancy and growth calculator are also added values. Many videos of medical conferences are easily accessible through this app too.
Think about a highly efficient app that is used to monitor your child’s activities then get app. This parental control app is equipped with various features such as monitoring both outgoing and incoming calls, detect the location of your child with the advanced GPS technology, know the caller’s ID and much more. The best part is parents can filter internet content for kid’s access. Along with this, you get additional features such as Address Book and Calendar activities, Panic button, Call Home Button and others. FULL POST

Posted 4/28/17 at 6:05 AM | Andrea Laura

Tips to Pursue Online Masters of Science in Accounting Degree Program

People like to claim that life has become a lot easier in many regards thanks to the creation of the Internet. While that is true, some like to take a more cautious route and instead suggest and life has changed for those whom the Internet has touched. As we deal with the possibilities of near endless communication and constant data, we also deal with the consequences.

But there are a few undoubted boons that the online world has provided us with – such as the ability to give and receive a proper online education. This isn’t just a matter of self-discipline and resourcefulness or the kind of education you’d expect an auto-didactic to receive – nowadays, you can get a fully credentialed Masters degree from a respectable college completely through the Internet. In fact, reputable colleges like CBU Online offer online Master of Science in Accounting degree programs, to be started and completed through the Internet solely.

Yet how can one properly begin to differentiate between online colleges, and find one that offers a good education, utilizes excellent and effective teaching methods, and doesn’t doom students to failure due to an incredibly difficult curriculum and little assistance?
These were the fears most had to work with when the prospect of an online college degree first came out – the idea was excellent, and long-distance education wasn’t anything new at all, but many institutions saw it as an opportunity to make money rather than teach students. FULL POST

Posted 12/1/16 at 1:31 AM | Andrea Laura

Home Remedy Tips to Remove Dandruff from your Hair Permanently?

Are you someone who is fearful of wearing black outfits because of excessive dandruff? Yes, those white flaky things which show up in all the wrong places on your outfit, making it apparent that you have a dandruff problem! So how should you get rid of dandruff? Before reaching out for the shampoos available in stores try and look for a solution straight from your kitchen shelf to get lasting results. It works if you have the patience to try out home remedies. It can take time to show results but it does show effective results.

Home Remedies of Dandruff

Dandruff can be a result of eczema, dryness of scalp, irregular shampooing or not washing of your shampoo well, yeast like fungus and so on. Dandruff can be of two types, dry skin dandruff, and oily skin dandruff. You have to identify your kind and treat your dandruff according to the type of dandruff you are suffering from. Dandruff can be eliminated with home remedies. Try the following home remedies for dandruff and watch your dandruff disappearing with time. These remedies are great for both kinds of dandruff, the oily and the dry kind. FULL POST

Posted 6/3/16 at 8:07 AM | Andrea Laura

Top 7 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Kid’s Clothes Last Long!

Doing anything for the kid is a pleasing experience and buying clothes for them is no exception. It takes sound research and time to purchase perfect clothes for kids. You, as a parent, would definitely not like to spend on the kid’s clothes repeatedly just because the older ones are not lasting long. It is certainly an ordeal to see the expensive clothes being faded or torn out within a short span of time after you have bought it. You will be happy to know that you can increase the life of your kid’s clothes just by following some of the basic tips and guidelines. Moreover, all this can be done without putting a load on the pocket! What are those tips? Scroll down to know…

1. Keep a piece of cloth on your kid’s dress when they are eating: While eating, kids may spoil their dress by dropping edibles on it. Some of the edible items can leave a permanent or hard to remove stain on the dress. To avoid it, you must keep a piece of cloth on the dress so that you can feel free while offering the food to your kid. It is a simple and useful tip that you must follow on everyday basis.

2. Keep rotating the clothes: It sounds basic and in point of fact it is, however, a sensible and helpful advice for making the kid’s clothes last longer. You must keep the clothes rotating the shoes and other apparels so that they are not worn out prematurely or are in constant use. Use a cloth for a time and then give it a break. While rotating the clothes, make certain that you put them in the closet. In case of footwear, give them time to air out. FULL POST