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Top 7 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Kid’s Clothes Last Long!

Fri, Jun. 03, 2016 Posted: 08:07 AM

Doing anything for the kid is a pleasing experience and buying clothes for them is no exception. It takes sound research and time to purchase perfect clothes for kids. You, as a parent, would definitely not like to spend on the kid’s clothes repeatedly just because the older ones are not lasting long. It is certainly an ordeal to see the expensive clothes being faded or torn out within a short span of time after you have bought it. You will be happy to know that you can increase the life of your kid’s clothes just by following some of the basic tips and guidelines. Moreover, all this can be done without putting a load on the pocket! What are those tips? Scroll down to know…

1. Keep a piece of cloth on your kid’s dress when they are eating: While eating, kids may spoil their dress by dropping edibles on it. Some of the edible items can leave a permanent or hard to remove stain on the dress. To avoid it, you must keep a piece of cloth on the dress so that you can feel free while offering the food to your kid. It is a simple and useful tip that you must follow on everyday basis.

2. Keep rotating the clothes: It sounds basic and in point of fact it is, however, a sensible and helpful advice for making the kid’s clothes last longer. You must keep the clothes rotating the shoes and other apparels so that they are not worn out prematurely or are in constant use. Use a cloth for a time and then give it a break. While rotating the clothes, make certain that you put them in the closet. In case of footwear, give them time to air out.

3. Never overdo dry-cleaning: Dry cleaning is not always the alternative to maintain the shine and freshness of the clothes. Dry cleaning is obviously an expensive thing. Moreover, the harsh chemicals used in the process to harm the clothes and decrease their life as well. As an alternative, you can steam your kid's clothes with the help of the steamer at your home. Regular washing of the clothes can make the gears look good. Instead of regular dry cleaning, you must find other great solutions to win the wardrobe war against your kid.

4. Store properly the clothes that are not in use: It is an important point to consider in order to enhance the life in kid’s clothes. Store the clothes with care. For instance, if it is the time of winters and you are keeping the summer wear away, make sure that you keep all the summer clothes properly in wardrobe. The way of storing the clothes is also imperative. To maintain the comfort, you must ensure that you are keeping all the clothes on good quality hangers so that they do not get stretched. Knit fabrics should not be kept on hangers. If you are not keeping the clothes on hangers, fold them in a proper way.

5. Keep the spare buttons adequately: When you buy comfortable baby clothes that best suit your kids, if you are getting spare buttons, make sure that you are keeping them properly in a box or a jar. In this way, you can easily replace the buttons when needed. If you do not keep the spare buttons properly, you may find it hard to get the same and matching buttons in the market. In this way, the dress can become useless and it is something that you will not like at all.

6. Wash with care: The kids use to be sensible and same goes with their clothes as well. While washing their clothes, provide proper care. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent the kid's clothes from wearing or fading out. Use less amount of detergent and always wash the clothes with cold water. While washing the shirts, you must turn it inside out. Never wash the shirts and jeans together. The rough jeans can rub with the shirts over and over again and can harm the fabric. Wash the delicate clothes of your kid separately.

7. Do not make using dryer a habit: The dryers have high heat and it shrinks the fabric. Thus, it is advisable to not to use the dryer in a frequent manner. Drying the clothes under the sun is the best way to save your clothes from shrinking. While drying your clothes under the sun, turn the clothes inside out so that the colors of the clothes do not fade. Hang drying of the clothes make them dry in a natural way and puts off all the odds of the dress being stretched or the fabric being broken.

Follow the provided tips, increase the life of your kid’s dresses, save money and prove yourself as a smart and affectionate parent!

Andrea Laura