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Top 9 Parenting Apps That Actually Made Their Life Easier

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Parenthood is a great time in all our lives where each and every parent have certain roles to play. From taking care to proper food guidance and monitoring, parenting is difficult as well as needs time and patience to learn. Yet, nowadays parenting has become easier with the introduction of various parenting apps. With just a click parents can track and stay well informed about their children.

Here are the 9 parenting apps that are specifically designed to make their life easier.

Pediatric Oncall
If you are worried about baby's’ health and how to take care of your baby then this is the right app for you. Starting from common diseases to consulting doctors and learning various tips to keep your baby’s health good including information on vaccinations, you will get a detailed help from this app. Pregnancy and growth calculator are also added values. Many videos of medical conferences are easily accessible through this app too.
Think about a highly efficient app that is used to monitor your child’s activities then get app. This parental control app is equipped with various features such as monitoring both outgoing and incoming calls, detect the location of your child with the advanced GPS technology, know the caller’s ID and much more. The best part is parents can filter internet content for kid’s access. Along with this, you get additional features such as Address Book and Calendar activities, Panic button, Call Home Button and others.

The Wanna app is for parents who wish to sell unused things of their kids and buy new things. This app helps you to get information on products that you can get in cheaper rates and can save money. All you need to do is enter your desired item and the program will find the result.

ifood Assistant
Food is a great factor in parenting as you need to come up with ideas of food that will be easy to cook and healthy. This is why iFood Assistant is a great app where you can get ideas on cooking and various recipes that takes lesser time in preparation. You can learn many recipes and cook them easily for your kids. For busy parents, this app is a great option.

Pregnancy Tracker
For pregnant women, this app is very popular which is introduced by the brand What To Expect When You Are Expecting. From special care to health tips, food guidance and other important information, this app know exactly how to guide them. You can learn the fitness regime during the pregnancy period and would-be mothers can also share your experiences.

Parenting Quotes Pro
Every parent wishes to enjoy some moments of enjoyment and celebrate their parenthood. If you want to laugh and get inspired then this app is the ideal one. You get many quotes from happy parents, inspirational quotes that uplifts your mood and encourage you to live beautifully. Even a short line can change a gloomy mind and cheer us up.

Magic Sleep
Putting babies to bed is a big work for parents. Especially if you are a new mother and has no previous no experience, it becomes really difficult for you to get your baby sleep and take rest for yourself. This app effectively calms the baby and puts them to sleep along with their mother. But in order to avoid accidents do not use this app while driving as you may fall asleep.

Red Rover
For active parents this app get s them to keep their parenting easy and flexible. You can get information on child-friendly places for their recreation. It shows results for museums, restaurants, amusement parks that are kid-friendly.

Home Budget
Tracking your expenses and the amount of money you spent on particular things is actually a very crucial part to take care of. With the birth of a child there are loads of expenses and with this app, you can keep track of everything. This app is user-friendly and you get a detailed information on all the expenses been made.

Whether you are an office-goer or a new mother or someone who finds it difficult to manage your kids, these apps are the excellent choices for you. You can now get information on health, food, fitness, nearby playgrounds, parks, movie halls, and more with just the click of your finger.

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