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The Way of Modesty is the Way of the Gospel

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As a daughter of Zion, you have been clothed in robes of righteousness, you've been given a new heart and God will give you a new crown and a new name and from that point you have your whole life ahead of you to demonstrate the beauty of what has happened in your heart. You have been clothed with the "robes of righteousness." Isaiah 61 makes this clear. Every morning when you awaken, you have such a wonderful opportunity to stand before your wardrobe and ask, “How can I express how thankful I am for His covering me with these robes of righteousness to cover my nakedness? How can my apparel reflect my robes of righteousness? How can my blouse and my skirt be like the wedding garments of my King and my Savior and my Shepherd? How can I represent my sin and my shame and how it has been paid for by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

Fathers, it is given to you to be her teacher and her protector and it's for you to look at her in the morning and to see that it's your duty before God to help her from a man's perspective to know whether she has missed the mark and to help her live her life out of the Scriptures, to be a reflection of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. A woman's clothing and a man's clothing is either an expression of the gospel of Christ or it's an expression of the religion of man being made righteous by its own deeds.

This is why, the way of modesty is the way of the gospel. For a woman, the heart of it is the fruit of a transformed heart, desiring to please her Master, putting on the mind of Christ, setting her affections on the things above, glorying in the fact that her nakedness has been covered by Christ and that even her apparel should reflect the robes of righteousness that have been given to her. This means that a girl can dress modestly but not have a converted heart. She can clothe her body without having her heart clothed in robes of righteousness.

If you're resisting the Lord in this area, beware what it reveals that's really lurking in your heart. It's the spirit of unbelief and it is either a spirit of unbelief that you need to repent of or it's an indication that you are an unbeliever. It's one of those two. To resist the shamefacedness and humility of heart that is reflected in outer appearance is to reject the Lord Jesus Christ and it either means that you're not converted or you need to run to Christ and repent of this sin of rebellion in your heart. Here's another thing: if you're resisting your earthly father in this matter, then it's an indication that you're resisting your heavenly Father.

“I will greatly rejoice in the Lord. My soul is joyful in my God for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation, he has covered me with the robe of righteousness.” - Isaiah 61:10

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