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What Does it Look Like When Fathers and Sons Follow Jesus?

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This weekend, I'm speaking at the Father-Son Retreat in Fraser, Colorado. Yesterday, during my morning session, I asked the question, “What does it look like when fathers and sons follow Jesus?” Below are the six answers I gave:

  1. When fathers follow Jesus, it is because their hearts are miraculously turned.
    Malachi 4 :5-6
  2. When fathers follow Jesus, they walk with their sons and teach them what they love.
    Deut 6:5-9
  3. When fathers follow Jesus, they explain the greatness of God.
    Psalm 78
  4. When fathers follow Jesus, they take their sons on a journey of obedience.
    Gen 18:19
  5. When fathers follow Jesus, they nurture their sons and their sons honor their fathers and mothers.
    Eph 6:1-4:
  6. When fathers follow Jesus, they become like Jesus.
    John 5:17-22


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